Living Trends For Summer 2021

With the pandemic still lingering around, summer 2021 will mostly be like last year. Most of us won’t be able to go on a holiday, and others will still be working from home or only be able to get away for days at a time if we keep our distance from others. This technically means that we’ll be spending most of our time at home. Luckily, we’ve put together some trends to help you feel better about your interior. Make room, run the broom through your house and give corners and items a new twist this summer!

1) You Need To Go Green

In recent years, the concept of sustainability has started to play a more prominent role in our society. That’s why sustainability will also be a housing trend in summer 2021. People worldwide are becoming more and more flexitarian or vegan, meaning that they are living more consciously. This is also reflected in the interior design of our houses. We don’t just like energy-efficient light bulbs. When we buy different types of furniture, we also check what materials they are made of and whether they are recycled. Going green doesn’t mean choosing green curtains and other green interiors; it means being aware of the products you buy and put out in your home!

2) Smart Interior Design

Technological gadgets can help us organize our lives and homes as efficiently as possible. Technology doesn’t have to get in the way of green and sustainability – think solar panels, a ‘smart’ thermostat, a Quooker, or stylish LED lights that turn on and off automatically and consume little. Such devices certainly don’t have to get in the way of a beautiful interior. And to be honest: how nice is it to keep your interior stylish when you don’t have to hide cables? Innovative furniture that can be controlled wirelessly with a mobile phone or voice control is ideal for adding comfort to your home. Developments in this field in 2021 deserve the attention of interior design enthusiasts and will be one of the trends in living in 2021.

3) Maximalism

The last few years have seen a trend for interiors that radiate serenity. It will be a thing of the past in 2021! The trend for 2021 is to combine lots of colors and patterns. Maximalism means more, more and more. This interior style is quite tricky to do because you can’t connect everything. That’s why you should ask furniture stores for advice on maximalism. Of course, there shouldn’t be too much of it either. You can’t have a busy ceiling, a crowded wall, bright accessories, and various floors in the living room. Think carefully about whether maximalism is suitable for you as a person and your interior. It is challenging to combine maximalism with sustainability, so choose the lifestyle trend that best suits you and your interior for summer 2021.

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4) Natural Elements

Do you already have enough houseplants in your home, or do you want more? In 2021, we can’t leave nature out of our homes. Of course, we’re happy to be part of this interior trend for 2021 by adding various houseplants and considering using natural materials, dried flowers, and neutral colors.

Expect bamboo, rattan, wood, and stone to be more common in interiors in 2021. With these natural elements, you’ll get a warm atmosphere in your home – and that’s exactly what we’ll all be looking for next year.

5) Add Statements

In addition to the calm colors, you can also add statements to your home in other ways. For example, consider a unique wall decoration such as a painting of a trip to Asia or a statue of a famous artist. Either way, the goal is to use statements, unique elements to show off who you are in your interior. That way, the interior becomes yours.

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Which among these styles are you going for this year? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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