10 Tips to Create a Luxurious Bathroom

A new bathroom is the dream of many people. You save for a long time and the right moment finally comes. You’ve reached your target amount (and some extra), and you can now look for the perfect tiles, liners, fixtures, and furniture for the bathroom. If you want a luxurious bathroom, here are some tips to help you out!

1) Tiling

The look starts with the tiles. If the tiles are old and discolored, it’s best to take care of them immediately. Choose a new style that blends well with the rest of your home. If you have a country interior, make sure that the tiles are also set playfully. In a modern interior, you can do sleek, smooth walls and play with black and white. You can also opt for a plain cast floor for a modern or industrial look.

2) Vertical Radiator

If you want a beautiful and luxurious addition to the bathroom, be sure to place a vertical radiator. Not only does it look luxurious, but it is also convenient for drying multiple towels.

3) Furniture

Ditch the old furniture and go for modern, durable furniture that suits your style. Consider the space you have. If the area is small, you can opt for nice modern shelves to hang on the wall to place your things. Small cabinets can also be placed under the sink to keep additional personal items.

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4) Shower

A lot of luxury can be added to the shower. For instance, the standard shower can be replaced by a rain shower. Make sure your central heating has enough pressure to supply the water. You can choose from beautiful and modern designs. Place a luxurious room divider next to your shower and get rid of the old shower curtain. You can also opt for an elegant shower enclosure, possibly in combination with a bathtub.

5) Lighting

Replace that boring old bathroom light fixture with a modern one. For example, you can place spotlights to illuminate the bathroom and save space or opt for an industrial look with larger lamps. There is plenty of inspiration, and lights come in various styles and sizes.

6) Plants

Do you like plants? Then place them in the bathroom to give it extra color. Plants not only provide healthier air but also create a cozier atmosphere. Keep in mind that the bathroom is a place with a lot of humidity and is usually dark; choose a plant that can survive without sunlight for some time.

7) Choose Raw Materials

To give your bathroom a unique look, choose raw materials such as stone and bricks. They give a warm appearance and are also a perfect alternative to ceramic bathroom tiles. Just make sure that not every bathroom wall is lined with bricks to maintain tranquility.

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8) Washbasin

When it comes to creating a more luxurious interior, it is also essential to look at the washbasin. Many designs give your bathroom a more pleasant atmosphere. You can also find various colors of faucets and twist knobs. For instance, you may go for traditional twist knobs and levers that move up and down. Another option is to let the tap come out of the wall for a more significant luxurious effect.

9) Bathtub

If you have space, opt for a luxurious round bathtub to place in the bathroom. This is a viral trend where you have an extra place to relax in addition to a nice eye-catcher.

10) Accessories

If you have already placed the shower, bathtub, and furniture, get the accessories to match the interior. These can be simple things, like a toilet paper holder or a laundry basket, too expensive things, like a built-in TV that you can see from the bathroom.

Do you have any other ideas people can incorporate to create a luxurious bathroom? Share it with us in the comments below!


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