Creative Ideas to Experience With Towel Bars

Need creative ideas for a towel bar in the bathroom? There are plenty on sale that will give you exactly what you need: exact dimensions, beautiful finishes, lots of storage in a minimal space, stylish but economical, and designer-price-isn’t-an-object choices. But if a creative solution is what you’re looking for, consider these, or use them as inspiration for your own great solution:

17 Bathroom Towel Bar Ideas – Transform a Simple Thing into a Beautiful  Accessory

– Go to a hobby store or wood store for a wooden dowel that you can stain to match or contrast with your cabinet. Be sure to coat it with a layer of polyurethane to protect the surface and to protect your towels.


– Finished lumber, such as bars normally used for stairs, can be hung on the wall. Or add hooks to a stair post normally used for a traditional bathroom for a custom look. There’s plenty to choose from at a lumber supplier, but you never know what you might find when you’re antique hunting.


– For a cabin in the mountains or a seaside retreat, find a branch or piece of driftwood to attach to the wall. It’s a casual look that brings the outdoors in.


– An accordion-style coat rack, normally used in a closet or mudroom, can be adjusted to the perfect width. It offers many hooks to hang damp towels from.


– A curtain rod that spans the width of a long wall can provide as much hanging space as several bathroom towel bars.


– Instead of hanging a bathroom towel bar in a nautical-themed pool bath, visit a boat supply store and get cleats in bright brass. Hang them on the wall as hooks to use for drying pool towels. Hang an old oar to provide a long space for those over-sized pool towels to dry. Or hang a piece of nautical rope as a clothesline from wall to wall, and clip some clothespins to it. They’ll know what to do.


– Install a length of bamboo in place of a traditional bathroom towel bar if you’re using a tropical or Hawaiian theme.

10 Clever DIY Towel Racks • The Budget Decorator

– Run a length of heavy gauge cable for an industrial look and feel. Visit a plumbing store to purchase a piece of copper pipe for a warm, rich twist to this look.


– Do you live in a historic home? How about using a standing coat rack in the bathroom instead of a typical bathroom towel bar?


– Children’s bathroom ideas allow you to go all out. If your kids like to play construction sites, install a metal ruler for three feet of towel drying. In a bathroom with a sports or game theme, you can hang a pool cue, a baseball bat or a field hockey stick on the wall. If you have a western-themed bathroom, instead of a store-bought towel ring, you can hang leather or leather-look vinyl loops on the wall.


– For a fairy tale bathroom, install a piece of PVC pipe on the wall and add a sparkling star or rhinestone covered topper to the ends. You won’t have to enchant your princess to clean up at the end of the day, and she’ll look forward to hanging her towel on her special bathroom towel bar.


– Place a shelf on the wall of your bathroom and mount a few hooks underneath. This will give you plenty of hanging space and a place to store spare bathroom supplies. You may want to decorate your bathroom with plants, candles, a clock to keep you on schedule in the morning, and even a small piece of art to express your personality and design sense.


There are many options beyond choosing a traditional bathroom towel bar. Have fun with the project and see where it takes you.


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