Why Roller Blinds?

Since the minimalist style craze exploded, roller blinds have started to become popular. If before they were used only and exclusively in offices, where functional furnishing accessories are needed but at the same time sober from the point of view of design, this type of window covering is now very popular also in homes.

The reason is obvious: unlike common fabric solutions, they do not influence the style of the rooms too much and are discreet while ensuring excellent shielding from the sun’s rays. This is the reason why very often they are preferred both to classic Venetian blinds, so essential that they are not very contemporary and not in line with modern furnishings, and to blackout ones, which are also too design. If you are looking for clean and essential technical curtains,¬†roller blinds will make the perfect options for you.

The Characteristics of Roller Blinds

The roller blind mechanism is pretty basic. The fabric wraps around a metal roller, to be fixed above the door of the fixtures, and then be stretched by a rod that is applied instead in the lower part. However, roller blinds can be manual, in the sense that they are lowered and raised by pulling a special cord or chain, or automatic and therefore activated by simply pressing a button placed next to the frames. The second solution obviously implies a greater expense commitment, but the higher cost is amortized over time by the fact that the automatic mechanism is damaged less frequently than the manual one.

Advantages of Roller Blinds

Roller blinds have several advantages that are worth dwelling on:


In fact, they can be used for both exterior and interior and can also be installed on any type of frame. They are good for windows but also for French windows, which is why they are undoubtedly very eclectic. As for the actual assembly, they can be fixed to the ceiling, to the doors of the fixtures or to the wall. If you do not like the idea that the roller is visible, you can possibly hide it by inserting it in a special made-to-measure drawer or cover it with the help of a valance. This second solution is for obvious reasons more demanding in terms of design, so it is to be discarded if you prefer that the furniture is not overloaded with the addition of further fabric.


Roller blinds can be made to measure, which is why they adapt perfectly to any environment or need. The fabric, regardless of whether you choose it in a neutral or printed nuance, is always perfectly taut and without the side hem that characterizes all the other technical curtains generally on the market. This peculiarity makes the roller blind a minimal and no frills blind. The thickness of the chosen fabric can also be customized. Depending on the level of brightness you like in your home, you can opt for a solution that is filtering, blackout or completely shielding. The sunlight, in short, can be controlled in all respects. Some roller blind specialists offer a broad variety of custom-made blinds and curtains that are designed to suit your specific needs.

Easily Hidden

In winter, when there is no need for something to shield the interior from sunlight, roller blinds can be completely hidden from view. It will be sufficient to rewind them completely and then start using them again when the sun returns to beat strongly and require protection.

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