Budget Vintage Décor for Your Kitchen

When it comes to redecorating, the kitchen is by far the favorite. Many consider the kitchen the heart of the house and it is certainly the room where we spend most of our time, so it makes sense to give it a decorator’s style.


A decorating style that is becoming very popular is a retro or vintage style and adding vintage decorations to your kitchen can be a fun way to get a new look as well as acquire some clean collectible that you can show off to your guests.


Decorating on a Dime

Many people really want to renovate the decor of their home, but simply do not have enough money. Or at least they think they don’t have any! It really doesn’t have to cost and arm and leg to give your space a completely different look if you only know a few tricks. Flea markets, real estate sales and yard sales can be great resources to find new furniture, area rugs and decorative accessories to make your interior new again. Follow these four tips to get the most out of your vintage finds.


Choose quality materials

Whenever you buy a used one, you should always aim for the highest quality of construction and materials. Buy furniture made of solid wood instead of chipboard. Solid wood can be completely stripped and finished to look like new, where the cheaper materials keep the damage they had when you bought them practically intact. Choose real metal rather than metal veneer or metal paint. As with wood, solid metal pieces can often be completely refurbished where the “metal-looking” counterparts will continue to fall apart. For area fabrics and carpets, choose durable materials with little damage. You may be able to remove a stain or hide it, but it is likely that rough edges and holes cannot be repaired. A bargain is only a bargain if you get full use of your purchases.


Paint is your best friend

Many vintage objects can be brought back to life with a simple coat of paint. As already mentioned in the previous suggestion, always choose solid, quality materials whenever possible. This will allow you to return to a “tabula rasa” much “whiter” and will allow the paint to adhere correctly and not bubbles or crackling. Many lower quality items can get a facelift if painted correctly. Don’t expect these pieces to last forever and pay accordingly when you buy them. However, they can be great if you need a temporary solution until you find something nicer or if you like to change your decor often.


Never underestimate the hardware

There are times when used items seem dated only because of style or hardware wear and tear. Changing hardware for something new and modern can instantly transform the whole piece. Sometimes the hardware is not outdated, but it is obviously cheap. Choose a new quality hardware in the same size as your existing hardware to eliminate the need to redo the holes or make other changes. If the hardware is not standard size, you can adjust it with a little research and elbow grease. Check the special hardware on the Internet or talk to the hardware department of your local home improvement store.


Sweating the little things

Often a room seems unfinished because minor details have not been taken care of. If your main floor needs major repairs, cover it as much as possible with area carpets. If you buy used area rugs, find one of great quality. Usually you can tell just by looking closely at the texture and support. If the carpet already shows signs of failure, it is not worth your money, no matter how cheap it is. It will be better to find a new area rug or use a residual bound rug. If your walls are smooth or bleak, invest in a new coat of paint. Collect decorative pieces to accentuate your main decor. Do not go too cheap on these items. A room will look much nicer with a pair of higher-end vases instead of forty cheap trinkets.


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