What is Victorian Style

The Victorian-style is a rich and elegant blend of Victorian and modern design that was introduced during the reign of Queen Victoria in the mid-19th century in England. It is also romantic, adorning itself with floral ornamentation, both on fabrics and on the porcelain tableware of that period.

It can be adapted to both very classical and more contemporary interiors. Will you choose it as a decoration? This post will guide you in your discovery of this particular style.

Which furniture for a Victorian style?

The living room is the ideal room to adopt a Victorian style decoration. English furniture from the 19th century will find its natural place, especially in the dining room where you will install a table and chairs with Victorian lines in waxed wood.

If you don’t want a sofa of this style with curved and tormented lines, you can opt for a Chesterfield sofa in leather or velvet, decorated with silk cushions with floral motifs.

Please note: other furniture, china cabinet, sideboard will be chosen with gold mouldings.

Well-chosen knick-knacks for a reinvented Victorian style

You will evoke the Victorian era in your decoration through the use of porcelain, paintings and textiles reminiscent of that era.

– Vases and empty pots with floral motifs, oil paintings depicting flowers or English landscapes of the 19th century, oriental carpets… This is the best choice to associate with the typical furniture of this period.

For instance, the curtains will be in velvet or silk and for the lamps, the choice will be made on golden candelabra and chandeliers with glass pendants.

How can Victorian-style decoration be adapted to modern life?

It is possible to adapt Victorian decoration to make it more contemporary. To do so, you just need to apply a few simple basic rules:

– Combine the curved lines of the furniture with vintage floral fabrics with large flowers, typical of the 1950s to 1970s, including those with fluorescent colours, yellow, blue, orange, pink.

– Do not create a total Victorian look. A beautiful 19th-century style table and chairs can be combined with more contemporary furniture, Italian leather design style sofas, and also with very simple white cotton curtains, and with plain contemporary carpets.

Please note: Victorian furniture being out of fashion, if you plan to equip yourself in this style but wish to do so in an economical way, think about the classified ads, flea markets and also auctions in the salesrooms or on the internet, where you will find Victorian style furniture at very affordable prices.

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