Spruce up Your Bedroom with a Bookshelf

From one bookworm to another, there is nothing like having a big, huge bookshelf in your bedroom. But regardless of how much bookshelves are essential to a bibliophile’s life, this piece of furniture can actually add personality and style to a room.

It also serves two purposes: displaying your impressive collection of books, as well as displaying décor items. However, for a bookcase to look Insta-worthy, you’ll have to find the perfect place for it and you’ll need to have an eye for balance, color, and design. For those of you who have enough space, it would be great to reimagine a small area in your home and create a cozy reading nook with bookshelves and a place to unwind.

But if you don’t have enough space to create a dedicated area for your bookcase, fret not! You can use the space in your bedroom and its current décor to your advantage and install a shelf that can add a playful personality to your room.

Finding the Perfect Placement for the Bookcase

Below is a list of things you want to take into consideration when choosing a bookcase and finding a place to put it.

The Shape and Space of the Bookcase

Typically, bookcases that do not take up much vertical space can be placed virtually anywhere in your room. If it is a tall bookshelf, on the other hand, you’ll have to find the perfect balance so that the bookcase fits in the room in such a way that it accommodates the other features of the room. Since the shape and size of the furniture also affect the way the space in the room is shaped, you will also have to have to take that into consideration before buying a bookcase.

Be Practical

A bookshelf that’s going to be displayed in the living room and one that’s going to be in your bedroom is very different. While with the living room you have to think of how it’ll look to guests, you won’t have the same problem with one placed in your bedroom. But that does not mean that you should store your books and personal items in a haphazard manner. The messier the bookcase, the less likely you’d want to use it.

So, use the bookcase for very specific items: do not store any items that should be in a wardrobe, for example. You can use the top of the bookcase for a lamp, for example.

A Few Ideas for Your Bookcase

1.      Give Your Room Character with Built-In Shelves

Built-in shelves are great for a modern clean look in any room. But as they will e the focal point in your room, be careful with how you display your items on the shelves. As a rule of thumb, avoid storing several items clustered together.

2.      White for A Fresher Look

If you want the bookshelves to be the focal point of your room, you’ll have to be extra careful with your color choice. Depending on the décor of our bedroom, you’ll have to find one that doesn’t clash with other items in the room. You can rarely go wrong with white! They will make your room look clean and fresh!

3.      Make Your Own Bookcase

For a touch of originality, don’t buy a new bookcase. Instead, get some old wooden crates, paint them over and secure them with wood screws. If you want a more rustic look, you can always secure the unpainted wooden crates in a set of six instead. They’ll look just as great! Either way, remember to secure the bookshelf to the wall once completed (for extra stability). Don’t be scared to experiment with shapes and colors! For the rustic bookcase, match the decor and book choice to the shelves itself and add pops of color through the other items you are planning on displaying. Making your own bookshelf is great if you’re trying to adopt a green lifestyle.

4.      Get some Cubed Shelves

Relatively cheap, easy to install and customise, cubed shelves are great options if you are on a budget. You can purchase them and install them all on the same day! If the color scheme in your bedroom is in the neutral tones, white cubed shelves are the way to go.

5.      Wallpaper Smartly

If you’ve got plain white cubed shelves, you can spruce them up by carefully lining the back with striking designer wallpapers. You can also do that with darker colored bookshelves. Pale floral wallpaper can make the background really stand out.

6.      But Be Careful with Built-in Shelves if You Are Renting

If you are renting, be careful when trying to spruce built-in bookcases. Your landowner might not be too happy about you painting over the existing shelves. If you really want to personalize the shelves, get some temporary wallpaper.

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