7 Colors to Decorate 2020

Which fashion and decoration colors will make the year 2020? Gentle with pastels, classic with timeless black and white, natural with green, elegant with navy… In this post, you will discover which the must-have shades are and how to integrate them into your daily life.

Let’s make a little patchwork of the best shades for this year, both in your wardrobe and in your home sweet home.

Ink blue: change your tone!

Blue is a sure value in interior decoration. It is in its “ink” variation that it will be the star for the coming months. Relaxing and matching with everything, it can be found both in raw denim fabric and in decoration, where its elegance and grey/black reflections adapt to all styles: pure design, country chic, or contemporary classics.

Think of the ink blue:

– In decoration for your interior: Ikat bed linen and cushions for an ethnic touch.

– As a basic in your dressing room: raw jeans are very popular.

Good to know: as every year since 2000, the color chart manufacturer Pantone designates the color of the year. In 2020, the color of the year is the “Classic Blue”, a deep blue shade which is comforting and relatable.

Anthracite grey: it casts a shadow over black

Less sharp than its cousin black, anthracite brings a softer touch to sober outfits: it is a neutral color and easy to accessorize. It can be easily combined with white, blue and pink, but also with brighter colors.

– Graphic, it enhances colors as well as natural materials such as brick or wood.

– Timeless, it can be found season after season in all fashion shows.

– Flannel, cotton or silk, all fabrics pay homage to its changing reflections.

Ideal as a basic color for interior decoration, it is also the undisputed ally of spaces open to the garden and light (balcony, pergola, and veranda).

Yellow: bring sunshine into your life

Strong color, we prefer it this year in its sun and mustard variations. It is to be reserved for small rooms, used in small touches, whether for clothing or decoration, because its presence quickly becomes oppressive if it is abused.

– A yellow piece of furniture in a graphic universe, it is the best way to boost your decoration.

– The mustard yellow jacket for winter will wake up your black wardrobe.

The black and white duo: still relevant today

It is timeless and that’s why we don’t get tired of it! Black and white is the right choice when you’re hesitating about the color of a decoration or a piece of clothing, because it’s a durable choice that goes with everything.

– We add pastel to soften it and bright colors to energize it.

– The tuxedo jacket worn with jeans, a large white cotton men’s shirt and a pair of high-heeled pumps gives a timeless silhouette.

– For decoration, it mixes with wood for a Scandinavian look.

– White gives a new look to tile joints!

Green: bring nature into your home!

Green can be found in all the collections, from its darkest to lightest colors. Green is the color of nature par excellence, and its many shades, which are accepted in decoration and fashion, will allow you to enjoy it every season!

– Khaki, it is a neutral color in the same way as grey. Anise in its pastel version, it is the perfect color for soft and bright interiors.

– Combined with wood and natural materials, it surfs on the ecological trend.

– As a big dark wool scarf or a light chèche around your neck, it is the essential fashion accessory.

Pastels: to fall back into childhood

Reminder of our childhood and synonymous with softness, pastel colors are becoming more and more popular: year after year, they bring cheerfulness and carefree in our often neutral worlds. The three main colors of the pastel range are: pale pink, baby blue and mint green. Yellow is often added to the first three to create springtime interiors.

– Pink is a soft color, traditionally reserved for feminine interiors. But there’s no reason why you shouldn’t! This soothing shade of red has its place in all decorations.

– Blue in its layette version finds its place in every room of the house and not only in children’s rooms, as it goes with all styles of decoration, from classic to contemporary.

Good to know: the trend is towards appliances in retro shapes and pastel colors.

Metal colors: copper or brass?

For the past two or three seasons, copper has been the metal color to adopt for your home: designer Tom Dixon has put it back in the spotlight with his designer luminaires. It’s still in fashion, but brass, also known as “yellow copper”, is making a remarkable entrance into our interiors since 2015: more discreet than gold, often accused of being bling-bling, it is seeing its lines modernized and is particularly highlighted when it rubs shoulders with grey.

– Metallic colors are best reserved for small objects that are easy to change.

– If you like it for decoration, adopt it for your wardrobe by choosing accessories with metallic reflections such as a rigid evening clutch.

– The designer lamps based on the Dixon copper model are ideal for a workshop decoration.

Now all you have to do is choose your color. Come on, hop! Make your choice and don’t forget to leave your comments in the section below.

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