Home Decoration: Folding Screen Ideas

The folding screen is a decorative piece of furniture with modular panels. It allows you to isolate a corner of a room to create intimacy. But it can also be used to separate a surface in two or simply as a decorative element. This post tells you all about it right away!

Folding screen: its different models

The main difference between draft shield models is the material with which it is constructed. The choice of material depends on its use and location, i.e. whether it is placed indoors or outdoors.

– The standard model is often made of wood or, failing that, has a wooden frame, the rest can be a canvas.

– For those who prefer a model that is easier to maintain, there are also models in bamboo, metal or plastic.

– Although originally an indoor piece of furniture, there are also some to be installed outdoors, which can be used to separate a terrace from the rest of the garden or to create privacy. These are retractable canvas models.

The screens also differ in the number of sides. Often there are 3, but there can be many more.

The maintenance of a folding screen will vary according to the material used. If it is made of wood, it will have to be treated and cleaned like any wooden furniture. Plastics are easier to preserve.

Note: If your screen is to be used outdoors, you should use treated and rot-proof wood or stainless steel.

Advantages of a folding screen

The folding screen has several advantages:

– There are many models with many colors.

– Once retracted, it takes up very little space and can be easily stored.

– By changing its position regularly, you can easily change your interior.

– The folding screen is suitable for all rooms, from the bedroom to the living room and the bathroom. Be careful, however, in the latter case you will have to choose a screen with a material that is not sensitive to humidity.

– The folding screen can also be installed outside.

– Very versatile, it can be hung on the wall or used as a headboard.

Choosing the screen according to your interior decoration

If you want to add an ethnic touch to your interior, look for bamboo or rough wood screen model.

For a practical touch, there are canvas screens with pockets, perfect for bathroom storage.

If your interior is rather modern, prefer metal or printed screen. There are also models with louvers or Japanese style paper for a more classic and refined decoration.

Where to find a screen and at what price?

The folding screen is a very popular piece of furniture and is easily accessible in all decoration and accessories stores. You can also find them at specialist craftsmen’s shops. For a standard model on canvas, you can expect to pay around $25.

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