How to Proceed With a 70’s Style Decoration

The 1970s evoke the great movements for freedom and peace, but also the stars John Travolta and Andy Warhol, whose pop art creations are known worldwide. How about a trip back in time? A 70’s style decoration will put a touch of pep and cheerfulness in your home! Whether it’s a wallpaper, a cushion, a piece of furniture or a lamp, it’s easy to give a retro touch to your rooms.

For a little trip back to the ’70s!

In terms of decoration, each era is marked by a particular style. As for the 50s, the decor is rather turned towards elegant furniture with pure forms, as for the 80s, the style refers to a more rock look. However, if there is one decade that has nothing to envy to the others, it is the 1970s where original colors, shapes, and patterns are in evidence. If you want to impose the seventies look in your home without further delay, here’s how to go about it!

Colors for a 70’s style decoration

Colour is an essential element in creating a 1970s style decor. Whether walls, furniture, curtains or carpets, everything is colored in bright tones. The dominant colors are acidic and invigorating: red, orange and pink. You can use them in tandem with two-colour patterned walls where orange awakens beige and pink jostles red.

At the same time, you can add cooler colors, metallic colors such as grey, blue or even silver.
In the decoration of the 70s, we also like wallpaper with rounded geometric shapes, kaleidoscopic, very funky and psychedelic.

Tip: in a room, only paint or cover your wall with bright color paint or wallpaper to make your space more dynamic without overloading it.

The shapes of the 70s

The trend is towards round, enveloping shapes and smooth textures. Both furniture and household equipment follow this guideline. The spirit is playful and innovative, as opposed to a functional and practical style.

Materials of the 70s

At that time, the decoration was more funky and colorful than functional! The furniture is made of translucent, shiny synthetic materials such as Plexiglas, Formica, resin, stainless steel, and smoked glass. The furniture has colored or transparent bubbles, with smooth rounds. The atmosphere is tonic and non-conformist.

The furniture of the ’70s

Round shapes and design

The 70s saw the birth of design, with its rather round shapes and above all its bright, slightly fluorescent colors. For example, the boule armchair, whose shapes invite you to curl up and enjoy moments of conviviality. Another popular rounded shape is the footstool, available in all shapes and materials for maximum comfort. These pieces of furniture are easy to place in any home as they take up little space and add a touch of lightness to any decor. For bedrooms, the shapes are inspired by space and UFOs.

Good to know: The 1970s decoration is not always adapted to the limited spaces of urban apartments. Try it out in a room before you take it everywhere, as this invigorating style could tire you out over time.

Buying 70s style furniture

Here are some typical pieces of furniture from the ’70s and the prices:
– a boule armchair cost about $600.
– a ’70s TAM TAM stool cost about $20.
– For a colored pouf, count between $40 and $60.

Decorative accessories from the ’70s

Lighting fixtures

There are plasma ambient lamps for around $20, multicolored PVC tube hangers and lamps made of various recycled materials (glass, plastic, aluminum…) between $30 and $50.

The curtains

They are often patterned with geometric or floral shapes. Made from glass, metal or plastic beads of all colors, they form cascades between two spaces.

Rugs and cushions

Carpets and cushions are covered with synthetic fur, giving the house a soft and relaxed atmosphere. Count on a budget of $10 for the purchase of new 70’s cushions.

…right down to the dishes…

Of course, furniture, decorative accessories, fabrics … must refer to the 70s for the style to be really there, but it goes even further! Cups, plates, glass… in short, everything that is crockery also bears the seventies style. You can show them off by placing them on wooden or plastic shelves, as it would be a shame to hide them. In addition to being easily accessible, these accessories will add a decorative touch to your interior.

Buy 70’s style decoration elements

You can find all kinds of 70’s decoration in the big decoration stores. But you can also go to flea markets or garage sales where you can find real objects from the 70s.

Hope the above helps you out with the decoration of your room. Don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section below. We will like to hear from you!

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