How to Choose Classic Chic Decoration for Your Home

Traditional in appearance, the classic chic decoration is also modern. In a monochrome of beige and white, a Louis XV style armchair will sit next to a designer sofa with sober lines in perfect harmony. The classic chic decoration is soothing with its neutral shades, but also welcoming with its warm materials, such as velvet and wool.

Classic Chic Decoration: Natural Colors

Choose neutral and timeless colors: off-white, light gray, beige and taupe.

You can combine them with bold tones, such as deep red, ice blue or charcoal gray to enhance the lighter shades.

Tip: You can also accentuate the chic spirit by sparingly adding notes of gold and silver on an accessory such as a mirror, frame or candle holder.

Classic Chic Decoration: Alternating Antique and Modern Furniture

Combine the charm of the old with the freshness of the new. Flea market furniture goes very well with design furniture with sober lines. You can thus alternate styles while keeping a harmony, the whole being to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere.

In the Living Room: Elegance and Sobriety

A sofa in a light fabric with curved lines, embellished with a few colored cushions will be the major piece of classic chic decoration.

Your living room will revolve around a glass or wooden coffee table. For example, Louis XV style armchairs will set the tone.

In the Bedroom: Romantic Looks

The room, an intimate and private place, can be the seat of a more pronounced classic chic style.

Dare to use accessories to create the atmosphere: folding screen, candle holder, shimmering jewelry box, bedside lamp with pendants.

For a daring decoration, dare the padded headboard with a white linen bedding enhanced with a linen or velvet bedspread.

Note: in the bedrooms, you can add a touch of color to your walls: almond green, powder pink or petrol blue for example.

Classic Chic Decoration: Lighting and Textiles for a Cocooning Atmosphere

A wide suspension will give all its nobility to the piece.

Sconces with pendants and several accent lamps will create a chic and cozy atmosphere. You will be able to play with several atmospheres during the day by choosing to switch on one or more light sources.

For your classic chic decoration, opt for textiles. They will bring a touch of softness and warm the room.

Tip: mix colors and materials: woolen carpets, cotton chair covers, linen sofa covers, velvet curtains, all in a range of light tones with bright colors.

Classic Chic Decoration: From Floor to Ceiling

High ceilings, high windows, ceiling moldings, and antique parquet flooring provide the ideal setting for a chic classic decor. If you don’t live in a bourgeois interior, here are a few keys to get closer to it.

Noble Flooring Materials

For your floor, choose parquet, ideally herringbone parquet, square or hexagonal tiles or neutral colored tiles.

Please note: the essential decorative element for your floor decoration is the carpet. A nice thick woolen rug is ideal!

Walls Creating Authenticity or “Old-Fashioned Painting”

The walls are decorated with old-fashioned paint or light-colored wallpaper.

The term “old-fashioned painting” includes effect paints with an “old” patina appearance. It is simple to apply, like sponge painting, and can be smoothed.

Characteristics of Old-Fashioned Paint

Usually made with a glaze applied on a base coat, it gives a rustic touch to your interior.

Note: this technique is old, but brought up to date with ready-to-use products.

Tip: The paint can also be worked with a spatula. Be as light in a gesture as possible. Do not remove the paint, but crush it to give it a spatula look. The knife should be held at 30° for example.

Ceiling With Old-Fashioned Moldings

You have moldings on your walls, your classic chic decoration already has its frame.

If this is not the case, you can cheat by installing polystyrene moldings: rosette in the center of the ceiling or cornice along the walls (on average $10 per 2 meters of cornice and $20 per rosette in DIY stores).

Accessories in Each Room

Multiply the accessories to create an elegant atmosphere and give charm to the place.

In any room, you can combine noble, shiny or precious materials, such as a crystal vase, a glass candy box, a tassel lamp, a photo frame in patinated wood, silk cushions, etc.

Classic Chic Decoration: The Suppliers

You can find antique furniture in flea markets and recent furniture and accessories in furniture and decoration shops. Materials can be found in DIY stores.

Some highlights of your classic chic decoration:

– the Louis XV style armchair: from $200;

– the designer sofa: from $500;

– the suspension lamp: from $300;

– the upholstered headboard: from $200;

– the woolen carpet: from $200;

– herringbone parquet flooring: from $50/m².

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