Ideas for a Nordic Decoration (Part 2)

You have enjoyed reading part 1 of the post on Ideas for a Nordic Decoration. You will discover even more ideas in this second part.

Summary of Part 1:

1. The Art of Purifying

2. Nordic Decoration: A Natural and Easy to Maintain Floor

3. White walls for more light

4. Graphic Design in Scandinavian Decoration

5. From Color to Nordic

6. The Scandinavian Luminaire: Design and Simplicity

What Awaits You in Part 2?

You have started dreaming of light, softness and a warm interior? Your wish has a name: you want a Scandinavian decoration! In this post, you will get the keys to making this dream come true…

You will learn how to create a Nordic and cozy interior for yourself.

7. Salvage and Nordic Vintage

Even if Scandinavian furniture has invaded our homes thanks to the fame of Swedish and Danish brands, to give a little personality to your interior while remaining in the Nordic spirit, do not hesitate to recover it:

Pallet hijacked as a coffee table, crates and lockers becoming shelves or bedside tables will immediately break the “catalog” atmosphere that your house can quickly have if you have furniture in the same place.

You will also not hesitate to get an old 50’s armchair for the living room from your family or friends, from private resale sites or at flea markets. Its worn side will give an undeniable vintage touch to your interior and will be in the Scandinavian trend for sure.

8. Design Icons From the North

Eames, Jacobsen, Hansen are great designers from Northern Europe. They are very often found in Scandinavian interiors, in original pieces, but also in cheap copies because some models have fallen into the public domain.

Depending on your budget, you will choose to integrate a re-released model or a copy, or even a mottled original, to give the final touch to your decor: a timeless Scandinavian look.

Good to know: the best thing to do if you manage to find the good stuff is to mix different and vintage chairs around a table.

9. Nordic Souvenirs: The Wall of Frames

Disparate and numerous frames installed on a wall, and here is a Scandinavian-style decorative touch.

Choose frames with wooden, metal or gold edges as well as very simple coasters.

They don’t need to match, just make sure they are arranged in an attractive way. You can even place the larger frames directly on the floor.

Please note: put your photos, but also your children’s drawings, postcards, posters, in black and white for an even more striking effect.

10. And, It Goes Without Saying, the Wallpaper, Which Is Also Popular!

For a Scandinavian decor, you have to choose nature spirit (branches, trees, leaves…) or graphics like the famous remix wallpaper by Ferm Living or the wallpapers by Graham & Brown. If in the past it was glued on all the walls of a room, today the trend is to use it on one side only.

11. Some Retro Elements for a Nordic Kitchen

A refrigerator with fifties lines will be the undisputed star of your kitchen:

In pastel, black or white, it will be an eye-catcher.

You can combine it with a black and white checkerboard floor or cement tiles in the credenza or on the floor.

Many of the more striking models also offer small appliances with retro lines, such as toasters or food processors. These tasteful details will finish off your kitchen’s decoration perfectly.

12. Beast Skins to Warm up the D├ęcor

Scandinavians are particularly fond of furs in their homes. For example, for a furry northern decoration:

Sheepskin, natural or colored, for floor carpets.

A Tibetan lamb cushion.

At Christmas, the detail that will make the difference will be to put your tree surrounded by gifts on a reindeer skin!

Note: if you are against real fur, there are now some very successful imitations to respect your convictions.

13. The Softness of Linen Washed in Your Room

Washed linen sheets, whether white, grey or blue, are a must-have in Nordic decor. They crease with refinement and give your bed a warm and relaxed look.

Washed linen is easy to care for and hardly needs ironing: it has the qualities of natural material without the flaws of the linen sheets of our ancestors.

You will multiply pillows and cushions for an even more cozy look.

Are you tempted to apply these tips for a Nordic decor at home? Our practical guides on our blog can help you get started with this trendy and aesthetic decoration:

If you’re thinking of giving your home a new look, don’t forget to redo the bathroom, equip your kitchen, and dress your windows, for a harmonious match with your new Nordic decor!

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