Budget-Friendly Decor Ideas For a Vintage Bedroom

Many of us feel our bedrooms look common and even sometimes boring. We would love to decorate our relaxing sanctuary without sacrificing function for style, all within a budget-friendly fashion. Opting for a vintage décor means achieving a stylish and high-end look without spending too much.

Here’s a look at how you can create beautiful vintage style for your bedroom by combining the best of both the old and the new.


Get inspired by specific periods, colors, quilts, wallpapers, or any themes you like. This will make your work easy. You’ll be very clear about what you want your room to look like.

Recycle or reuse 

Make use of old stuff like bed-sheets, table covers, or anything that you love but don’t want to discard. You can use your old dinner plates as showpieces if some of the plates in the set are broken. Or use your old bed sheets as wallpapers. To accentuate the vintage look, add stylish furniture, a statuesque iron, brass, or a four-poster bed as the centerpiece.


Keep your selected design or theme in mind when shopping for accessories. For example, If an antique look is your preference then look for things that have a vintage or rusty look. Wound-up alarm clocks, antique table fans, Tiffany lamps, ironstone pitchers, and mid-century pots that provide a vintage look to your bedroom. Decorate walls with groupings of attractive dishes, shapely mirrors, and salvaged windows. Most importantly, bring in nostalgic notions, antique accents, and accessories that spark pleasant memories, trigger appreciative smiles, and delight your eye.

Mix and match

When choosing your wall decor, think of the eclectic. Visit a consignment shop to find one-of-a-kind pieces that will fit your vintage vibe. The items don’t need to belong to a matching set; find decor pieces that carry a similar theme or color scheme. Wood wall accents look fantastic over a bed topped with eclectic pillows. The artwork on them can replace the need for a headboard for an inexpensive yet unique look.

Flora and Fauna

If there is one thing we know we will find at a vintage shop, it’s floral patterns and prints. Past decades doused everything in flowers: bedding, curtains, couches. You can modernize this feminine style by choosing just a few accents to decorate with florals. A soft wallpaper print pairs well with an upholstered headboard and vintage lamp. The different prints work together to bring forth a feminine look that is not overdone.

Besides being charmingly old-fashioned, a vintage décor is also quirky, individualistic, versatile and budget-friendly. It shows off creativity and brings nostalgia along. Comment below to tell us about the vintage finds that decorate your room!

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