Ways to Use Moroccan Decor in Your Home

Adopting the Middle-eastern style is now a trend as it was before also. The textured rugs and patterned floors tiles continue to entice everyone. Moroccan architecture and interior design help in expressing the country’s diverse history through detail, texture, and geometry. This style can be seen adapting in both traditional and modern homes mainly because of its influence of multiple cultures and religions. Many interior designers love Moroccan décor as it is rich, luxurious, and exotic, and also the style has bold colors and shapes that make it one of its kind. So if you wish to transform your interior decoration in a Moroccan oasis, then here is a gorgeous collection of innovative methods to do it.

  • Horseshoe Arches – Often referred to as the Moorish arch, this design is typical of Morocco. These are characterized by a large round arch atop a straighter, narrower doorway. Horseshoe arches are from the pre-Islamic Syria where the form was used in the fourth century CE. These designs are welcomed in different areas of your home, especially in the living room or the hallway. It adds a sense of the room has a large ceiling height.
  • Throw in some pillows – Never shy away from bold prints and colors if you really want Moroccan décor. The top features to identify a Moroccan décor are the bright colors and patterned pillows. They are decorative, detailed, and definitely a décor that everyone must-have. Moroccan pillows and cushions add a hint of North African charm to your abode, that too on a budget.
  • Add in a Moroccan rug – A must-have if you want to embrace the Moroccan lifestyle. Beautifully designed carpets or rugs are the benchmarks of Moroccan style. A true Moroccan-inspired room is incomplete without a Moroccan rug or carpet. Moroccan rugs were originally used as bed covers and blankets that could transition from hot to cold seasons. It is good to remember that Moroccan carpets can be costly but their aesthetic and longevity are priceless.
  • Install Moroccan floor tiles – From walls to floors, Moroccan tiles are welcomed in the designing process. Moroccan tiles are eye-catching and thus making the room look more appealing. Whether it is an artwork, the bathroom or kitchen can look subtle in the sense of colors and designs. Moroccan tiles add some drama to the dull spaces and it goes well with dark hardwood flooring and ceramic tiles. Dark hardwood flooring develops the base for a Moroccan style room as for ceramic tiles offer a coolness that is appeasing in summer.
  • Put up a Magic Pouf – A Moroccan pouf can instantly add magic to any space in your home. Used as a footstool or floor seating option, the Moroccan tradition is a must-have in your home. Turn the pouf into a furnishing accessory, such coffee table or an end-of-bed bench where you can keep your magazines on top.
  • Put in a graphic backsplash – Turn your kitchen into one of the Moroccan styles! Add a starburst lamp and woven rug to dig in more into the Moroccan style. Add patterned backsplashes and make your kitchen stand out of other areas in your home.
  • Choose Moroccan styles fabrics – Moroccan fabrics are abundant in colors and on point with elaborate textures and styles. From pillows to hankies, always expect the material to be looking beautiful. If you are not a fan of colors, then go for single-colored pillows, blankets, linens, wall hangings, and rugs.
  • Light up the room – We all know that lighting is an important element of Moroccan decoration. Moroccan lights concentrate on dim lighting created by lamps and pendants made from colored glasses. It can either be carved in metal and wood to make it more alluring. Use candle lights in standard lights that will include the romantic element of moving light into your decoration.
  • Choose furniture – Go for original and stylized modern Moroccan furnishings and home design accessories. As essential components of Moroccan design style, the furniture can be installed in different areas to remind of the Moroccan style that the house has.
  • Canopies overhead – You’ve always dreamed of having a canopy covering your bed, well it can come true! Have canopies installed in your room as a reminiscent of the desert market tents. Don’t forget to install canopies over the kids’ bed as they will love it!
  • Moroccan style courtyards – With privacy in mind, Moroccan homes had no front or back yards, an only central courtyard which often had fountains or pools. Have a courtyard built in the center or backside of your house. Don’t forget the colorful and comfortable seating and accessorize it with natural plants and a fireplace to make the space cozier. You can also go for colorful pottery, low bench seating, and hanging lanterns just to add some Moroccan spice in an affordable and subtle way.
  • Moroccan mirrors – Carved in wood or created by metal frames, big wall mirrors provide a gracious and classy look to your home. Opt for large wall mirrors that are terrific for hallways and living space. Mirrors make the room look a bit brighter, lighter, and impressive with specific Moroccan accessories.

Well, here it is and I can’t really wait to design my home into a Moroccan oasis!

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