11 Ways to Decorate Your Patio/Deck This Summer

If you have spent the start of summer gazing at your backyard and wishing you could spruce up your hangout space, then this blog is totally for you! No need to spend a lot to make a big difference in the way your outdoor rooms look and feel, just whip up some furniture and décor, hunt for vintage collections and make smart and durable choices about new purchases. With that in mind, here are some ways in which you can decorate your patio or deck this summer and make the most of it without spending a dime on a trip!

Make it comfy – Remember that your outdoor space is specifically for relaxing and spend some lazy times, so it should be comfortable enough. Go for neutral and waterproof fabrics that will suit the furniture you have on the patio. |If you have furniture of wicker or wood, then opt for comfortable cushions that will not be of any trouble to you or your guests.

Use indoor accessories – There is nothing wrong in using the indoor accessories to step up the décor in the patio. As summer sets in, you are obviously going to spend more time outside than inside, so using the indoor accessories is totally doable. Bring out your favorite pillow or blanket or both to make it look cozier.

Hang string lights – If the deck is low on light, then hang in string lights! It turns your outdoor space into an ideal sport for entertainment or relaxation. You can also let the lights be and hang in more to make it look more party-like!

Deck to impress – Considering the harsh winter that we had, it is logical to work on the deck and render it to its proper state. You can add a slightly elevated dimension to a yard that would give the appearance of having two different rooms in your yard and add more flexibility to entertain more guests.

Create privacy – If your neighbors tend to overlook your yard when you have a party or some personal time, then create some privacy. Install a fence to make your outdoor space feel more like a private enclave or you can have a row of evergreens to form a private wall for your space. Add some green accessories in the neutral scene to make the place look more interesting.

Unify with color – While decorating, always focus on the color aspect as it makes everything look perfect or not. For decks and patios, it is logical to focus on one or two colors to make your décor unify with the furniture and paint. Go for punchy blue and green furnishings to brighten the deck so that you are not distracted from the view.

Add a water feature – Even if you have a swimming pool, do have a water feature added to the deck or patio, it can be a water fountain or some garden waterfall. The water feature does not need to be enormous to be enjoyed to a similar effect. Transform the ambiance of your backyard by placing it in the right place where everyone will notice it but not be bothered by it.

Use space under the decks – Make use of your double deck as it increases the space where you can relax. Use one deck for your private time, such as relaxation or tanning. The second deck can be used for parties and dinners that you will surely organize for your friends and families.

Focus on the furniture – Always remember the focal point when placing the furniture! Place one high-impact piece that will make the rest of your deck furniture look less utilitarian. If need be, you can have a fire-pit as your focal point and install sofas around it to make the most of your summer evenings. Choose furniture that will blend with the sleek and sophisticated lines of relaxation and enjoyment. Don’t forget to choose furnishings that stand in harsh weather and to heavy traffic as well.

Have plenty of pillows – There is no such thing as too many pillows, so don’t be lenient on having a lot of pillows outdoor. Go for a collection of bright and cushy pillows that will give your deck an indoor type of style and feel. Pillows help you to reiterate your deck decoration style as the pillows can be used as outdoor chairs or have your guests rest on them. Choose fabrics in a cheery coordinating color and also that are easy to wash when spoiled. You can try for fabrics such as cotton that is one of the most sought-after fabrics, especially for winter.

Add a rug – A rug can totally increase the beauty of a space. If you are looking to add a rug, then go for animal-printed ones or colored ones. The rugs separate the dining area from the relaxing area. Always remember to have a rug is washable and easy to remove if wet.

Well, if you are still unsure about how to decorate your outdoor space, then look out for our next post!

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