Liven up Your Driveway!

Driveways are the most ignored part of the house as they serve for only one purpose and that is getting your car off the street. Well, there are times when the beauty of the house is totally taken up by the hideousness of the driveway. So to remedy such a situation, here are some tips to liven up your driveway and create beautiful designs.

  • Etching – Choose stone-like patterns to make your driveway look more interesting. Etching is a technique where you uses special tools to etch a permanent pattern or design of your choice. You can also add staining colors to make it pop!
  • Staining – If the pale gray look is boring you out, then try staining your driveway with a fresh pop of color. Stain soaks into the concrete and dyes the driveway to a translucent color that increases its look to a natural variegated aesthetic. Choose from earth-toned acid stains or a rainbow of water-based stains. You can also use special effects to create the appearance of marble, natural stone, or wood.
  • Stamping – It is similar to etching and staining. Concrete stamping spices up your driveway with color and pattern. Give your driveway the appearance of slate, stones, bricks, or tiles without using expensive materials. Stamping works best on a clean and level driveway.
  • Weeding – Driveways often crack up with time and heavy traffic, and sometimes it is worse by overgrown weeds. Just rely on some DIY to kill off the weeds. Fill in the cracks with any products that are on sale that your local hardware store to deter future weeds.
  • Paved driveway – An old and cracked driveway, sometimes, just needs a makeover! If your driveway is cracked or crumbling, then it’s time to get a new one. More expensive than a traditional concrete driveway, paved ones are more durable and can be removed later on. Replace the single paver with little effort or cost.
  • Make a walkway with flowers – To make your driveway look way more interesting, add a walkway as a flower bed border. You can rely on pea gravel to edge your bright flower bed to create a pretty strolling space.
  • Create a pathway – To make your driveway look more lively, why not create a pathway! Make a pathway that starts from the driveway and ends at the entrance door. It makes your driveway look more interesting. Use a pretty stone walk from concrete to make the pathway. Easily poured or stamped, the pathway will just increase the beauty of your driveway!

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