8 Ways to Level up Your Yard This Summer

Finally the days are here when we can actually enjoy the warm sun alongside a refreshing cocktail! As you venture outside, you may notice that winter has ruined your yard in real by leaving broken branches, bare patches, and a lot of cleanup needs to be done. So to help you out, here are some ways to level up your yard this summer!

  • Trim the hedges – It is needless to say that a clean and well-kept yard is a beautiful yard. One way can be by trimming the hedges around your home and the first step toward keeping everything neat and tidy. Well, you don’t have to be Edward Scissorhands to do a good job, you just need the right equipment and get to work. Remember to be reasonable when trimming!
  • Create a path – Use stepping stones to make every detail count! Break the monotony of the grass-filled space by placing stepping stones to make a path so that it is easy to walk especially in the morning when the morning dew falls.
  • Plant stuff – Liven up your yard by planting some shrubs in your front yard. Buy some different types of flowers and plant them in places that get good sunlight and water. Do consider planting perennials, like roses and mums which can bloom for multiple seasons.
  • Edge your lawn and install waterproof rope lighting – Having a crisp edge to your lawn makes everything look more beautiful and to help your lawn grow more uniformly just use battery powered string trimmers. You can also pick up some waterproof rope lights to lie down around the edges.
  • Cover the boring fence – If your fences are looking too boring, then time for DIY! You can drill some holes through the fences and insert colored glass marbles so when the light shine through it. It will be spectacular!
  • Use glow-in the dark paint on your planters – Grab a few gallons or spray cans and paint your large planters with glow-in-the-dark paint! Light up your garden in the evening and enjoy your family time!
  • Paint your lawn furniture – The most easiest makeover is painting your lawn furniture! Give a brand new life to your furniture by painting them in fresh summer loved colors. You will surely have a brand new garden by the weekend.
  • Create your own décor – If you have an old chandelier or some neglected seashells, then what better idea than to make your own décor! Decorate your garden with an old chandelier, by removing the light bulbs and fixtures and replace them with a few solar lights. You can also convert your chandelier into a bird feeder. Use seashells to make a wind chime so that you can soothe your tired nerves after a day at work!

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