5 Tips For Choosing Your Exterior House Paint

Choosing the right colors for your home is always daunting. With so many colors available, you might get lost in a labyrinth of colorful walls. Unlike interior paints, exterior colors are highly important as they will be in direct contact with nature and people’s stares. Follow these 5 tips for choosing the right exterior color for your home.

Know Your Surroundings

Before deciding to go blue or green, make sure to check your surroundings and the existing colors around you. A home found in the middle of nature may suggest an earthy palette of greens and browns while a house near the beach indicate lively blues and turquoises or pink. Other aspects to consider is the position of your house, the amount of sunlight that reaches your home, your exterior landscape, and so on.

Use the Roof and Tiles

Unless you’re doing a complete home makeover, the existing surfaces of your home such as roof shingles, tiles, stonework, pathways, and driveways are great guides to choosing the perfect exterior house paint. Try going for the undertones between the existing colors of these surfaces for a harmonious end result.

3 or More Different Paint Shades

Basically, an exterior scheme has three major parts: field color, which dominates; accent colors, which brings doors, shutters, and other smaller areas to life; and trim colors, used for window and door casings, roof edging, railings, and other trim work. The best practice is to have a contrasting trim color compared to the field color. If the field color is dark, classic white trim color is the best choice. A bright red or lemon yellow door can hit the right mark if the other colors are darker in tone.

Bring Details to Life

Focus on the intricate architectural elements of your house that you want to bring to life. Do you have brackets? Imposts? Swirls? You may choose a contrasting color to your field color to ensure those details are seen. Make sure to choose a color that compliments the whole color palette but be careful not to go overboard with the choice of colors as too many colors will overwhelm your house.

Find the Balance

A splash of a single color on just one part or the whole of your home may give it a dull appearance. Strive to balance the colors over the whole house. Avoid extreme contrasts and choose colors that are related. You may ask for advice from a color specialist or painting company to guide you on the choice of exterior colors.

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