10 Ways to Declutter Your Home

Imagine a room with less clutter, less stuff to stumble upon, less cleaning to do! Well, if you think that cannot happen, then you are wrong. It can happen and we’ll be giving 10 ways to declutter your home in some creative and innovative ways!

  1. Hail the plastic bags! If you see something that isn’t supposed to exist in your house, then the trash bag it is. Just remove the trash and move on!
  2. Time yourself Sometimes you may find yourself cleaning till the last minute, well to avoid that it will be better that you time yourself! Time your day according to the hours spent on each task.
  3. Remove packages Kitchens are great space to declutter. When it comes to de-cluttering, better start with the kitchen! With food packages taking lots of space, it is better to remove those first and put all the food into containers that are durable and effective in holding up food for a longer time. Expand the storage cabinet if possible.
  4. When is the de-cluttering happening? Giving yourself a time limit to prevent over-working yourself. So schedule the de-cluttering at a time when you are not overworked with household chores or work. It also helps you find the areas that need more de-cluttering than other spaces.
  5. Cleaning the cupboards Know that cleaning the cupboards are going to be demanding. To ease your work, fold the clothes in piles of three. Empty your closet, assess clothes that are for donation, for throwing away or to keep. Always keep a hamper in case of too many clothes!
  6. Declutter the bathroom Throw away all the expired products that you have kept in hope of using one day! Keep things that you use on a daily basis at hand and the others where you will be able to find them. If possible, expand your storage area to keep the bathroom products. You can always use baskets or boxes to keep your towels or other linens.
  7. Don’t over-clutter your sofa Keep fewer pillows on your sofa. If possible, reduce the number of pillows and cushions! It’s better to use big cushions that take less space.
  8. Don’t over-accessorize Too many decorations kill the décor! To avoid this happening, it’s better to limit the number of decorations in a specific area. Don’t overload your living room with decors that have no use there. Always remember that less is more!
  9. Digitize your bills and mails If possible, limit your posts from the mailman! Go digital and avoid spending too much on paper. Read magazines online rather than subscribing to them and recycle old newspapers by using them in your garden.
  10. Rearrange your space By rearranging your living room or any other space in your house, you are limiting the number of reasons to amass clutter. Rearranging helps in addressing the issue of cluttering.

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