10 Easy Home Décor Ideas for an Apartment

If you live in one of those “FRIENDS” apartment, then you know how limited space is and how limited the décor should be. So to solve your dilemma, here are 10 easy home décor ideas for an apartment. Get ready to be mind-blown!

  1. Get the wallpaper on – Don’t be afraid to wallpaper your apartment, even if it is a rental! Nowadays, removable wallpapers are available on the market. You can also use decals to accentuate the décor of the home.
  2. Decorate your walls – Dare to decorate your walls! Whether it is an artwork or your favorite family photo, just hang it there on the wall. It just increases the beauty of your space by bringing a personal touch.
  3. Use mirrors – If the space in your apartment is limited, then using mirrors is a great idea. It makes space seem and feel bigger.
  4. Give a touch of paint – If your old furniture seems to dull the atmosphere, then giving it a fresh touch of paint is a perfect idea. The makeover of your furniture will change the whole look of the apartment.
  5. Use furniture with storage facility – Don’t let clutter kill the beauty of your home! It’s better to choose furniture that has high storage capacity such as tables and cabinets. Place them at an angle in the corner of the room to create a built-in hidden spot for keeping extra stuff.
  6. Give your lampshades an update – If you are still owning the lampshade that your grandmother gifted you, then why not give it an update! Replace the shade by adding a pop of color or a graphic pattern to liven up your space.
  7. Decorate with chic rugs – If you want to increase the coziness of your space, then why not add rug! A rug makes it cozy and more comfortable to settle in the space. Choose a rug that has colors to liven up the room!
  8. Hang your curtains high – Make your windows look bigger by hanging your curtains higher than the floor level. Make it closer to the ceiling to make a small space feel larger.
  9. Change up the lighting – It is rare that you get an apartment that is perfect for natural light. So to maximize the natural light in your apartment, painting your walls white and let your curtains be of transparent fabric. Keep the colors light!
  10. Add greenery – It is no wonder that your space needs to breathe, so to make it happen why not add plants to liven up the room! Choose small houseplants that will make your room look welcoming and beautiful.

Now, let’s get the job done!

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