9 Decorative Concrete Ideas

Decorative concrete advantages
Decorative concrete designs can transform the traditional grey concrete into beautiful decorative floors, slate-looking patios and give a vintage look to your pool deck, to name a few. When you compare concrete pavers with other flooring materials like tiles which may crack with time or wood which tends to expand differently along different axes, concrete pavers will not need to be reset or replaced like is the case with the other types of flooring.

In this post, we will consider 9 modern decorative ideas when constructing your pathways, patios, driveways, pool decks, courtyards, and different outside applications.

1. Pavé de Paris
This stamped concrete is meant to look like a European Fan. The surface texture is like natural stones have been split on the ground. Edges measure irregularly with a hand-chiseled look and rounded corners.

2. Bois de Latte
This patterned stamped concrete is intended to match the wooden floor. You can customize the colors similar to various hardwood colors and the maintenance will be far more easy than the usual waxing and polishing of hardwood. Here, you just have to clean the floor with a brush or a mop and that’s it!

3. Italian Slate
The Italian Slate patterned stamped concrete is intended to resemble a broken slate with embossing skins.

4. Pavé de Napoléon
The Pavé de Napoléon patterned stamped concrete is intended to look like Cobblestone. The surface texture is that of naturally worn, flat cobblestones with irregular edges.

5. The rising trend – Colored Concrete
You can have unique floors! The one characteristic that greatly distinguishes decorative concrete is color, whether used subtly to mix with nature or boldly to create a dramatic style.
With colored concrete, the creative choices and color selections are endless, making it possible to attain the right look. Colored concrete will remodel an area like a patio from plain to spectacular.

6. La Rose des Vents
You can customize your stamped concrete by adding a picture of La Rose des Vents as a decorative feature of your driveway, patio or courtyard.

7. Pavé de Versailles
The “Pavé de Versailles” patterned stamped concrete is meant to look like stone. The surface texture is that of natural, broken stone while the edges are broken and rounded.

8. Deactivated concrete / Exposed Aggregate
Exposed aggregate is another nice option for customers who want a decorative finish at a cheap-effective cost. It is the foremost durable finish you can do on a driveway or patio.

Exposed Aggregate is a widespread alternative of finished concrete that exposes or encourages the pebble on the surface of the concrete to show. The finished look is that of the pebble-sized combination through the concrete and also the coloration is primarily derived from the color of the mixture of pebbles chosen.

To sum up what you need to know is that stamped concrete is safe and incorporates a long service life. It is easy to take care of, and it is a much cheaper alternative. Note also that the colors of the concrete can be customized to your selection.

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  1. I find it fascinating that decorative concrete comes in several styles and colors that’ll fit your home’s aesthetic. My friend wants to help his uncle with a major home renovation that boosts its appearance. I’ll be sure to relay this information to him so they can use it as a driveway!

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