Antique Decorating Ideas

Antique objects and materials carry special emotions and memories with them. Instead of keeping them locked away in the attic where they will rust over the years, you can use them to enhance your home’s interior decoration. Antique decorating is more than just throwing them up on the walls, it includes careful positioning and planning for it to stand out. Here are some antique decorating ideas that you can use!

Retro Look

If you’re in search of a retro look for your home, the main focus should be on old items. Search for all the old objects, materials, and belongings that you no longer use and display them in your living room. Do you have a worn suitcase or some old centerpieces and floor lamps? These are ideal for building a retro vibe around your home. The colors and walls should also be taken into consideration.

Timeless Appeal

Another popular decorating style is to choose antiques that have the most timeless look and to insert them into a more modern design. You may start by hanging some old photographs on the wall or on shelves. This keeps your family history alive and celebrates the past era without overwhelming the room design.

Specific Objects

Placing an old object is one of the most effective ways to antique decorating. If you have a specific item that you want to make the focal point in your decoration, then the placement of the object should be well-thought of. You may choose to place the object on a floating shelf, bookshelf, or even hang it on the wall.

Vintage Look

If you’re more into vintage or rustic look, then you need to be able to mix various types of styles together. You might combine some rustic shelving with old furniture which has received a distressed paint job. You may also consider arranging some old items into a shadowbox and placing them on a table or on the wall. The vintage look is one of the most complicated styles to follow but if done right can be a magnificent masterpiece.


One thing to keep in mind is the colors you’re integrating. Antiques are most of the time full of different colors and implementing them in a room which is already colorful can be overwhelming. The best way to go around this is to group objects by color. All the blue and shades of blue are in one corner of the room while the remaining colors are on the other side.

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