Things to Keep in Mind when Decorating your Interior

Decorating or re-decorating your home interior is the perfect antidote to a boring décor. The thing is, you have to know what to add and what to remove. A common mistake people often make is adding too much or too little, failing to create the right balance.

Giving vintage pieces a new life

An often repeated misconception about interior decoration is that you have to buy new and modern stuff. Embrace the challenge of using your vintage furniture or table and build something unique around it. Don’t be afraid to pair different eras in one space.

Know your colours

True, colours can affect the mood and atmosphere of any room. You don’t need to re-paint over your white walls to re-decorate. Add furniture with darker colours to counter balance the whiteness.

Stay true to your personal style

Whenever you are designing your space, remember to stay true to yourself and your personal style. Instead of following trends and imitating others, make the décor a reflection of your personal tastes.

Don’t be afraid of taking risks

As designer Tricia Beanum of The Estate Sale Company Los Angeles says, “Risks are the birthplace of style”. Don’t hesitate to mix and max different colours, furniture and accessories to create your personal space.

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