How to Make the Most of your Balcony and Outdoor Spaces?

Most people prefer to fill the open space of their balcony with a few patio furniture without any clear purpose of creating something aesthetically pleasing and functional. With a little bit of inspiration and planning, this outdoor space can become your favourite place to hang out.

What to keep in mind when planning your balcony?

• Ensure you pick the right furniture size based on the available space. Thinner furniture is ideal on short square footage
• Opt for a variety of textiles like outdoor rug, pillows and even blanket to add warmth and a lot of layers
• Outdoor lighting in the shape of standing or string lights can make the space feel homey

Use plants and flowers

You can use plants and flowers to literally add life to your balcony. They will add extra colours to the entire space and make it feel cosier during morning breakfasts or more comfortable during evening naps. You could also let the plants take over your balcony walls as well.

Chairs and tables are essentials

If you’re on a budget, use old chairs and tables. Give them a fresh coat of paint or cover them with a blanket to give them a new life. Make it as comfortable as possible so that relaxing on the balcony and admiring the views become one of your favourite hobbies.

Make the most of the additional space

Your balcony can be the perfect place to entertain guests. Turn that space into an inviting and relaxing area by investing time and money in making it as homey as possible. Don’t forget to use colours if you want the décor to be dynamic and fresh.

Even super small balconies

Use colourful and thick rugs to make the balcony appear roomier and give it the illusion of bigger space with the right print. A living wall is a perfect way to get a small garden without occupying any floor space. Use cafe chairs and a small table to fit the tiny space so you can embrace the outdoors in comfort.

Takes risks and be creative

Be creative in your endeavour to set up the balcony. Don’t be afraid to take risks when choosing materials and adding colours. You can even make it look like a deck with the addition of wooden planks as flooring and walls on the sides. Add and remove accessories during different seasons to alter the mood and atmosphere.

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