How to redecorate your kid’s bedroom once they move out!

Your baby is now all grown up and has decided to move out. After 18 or 20 years, this leaves you with a spare room! As sorrowful as it is to see your children go, we have got a few ideas to cheer you up by redecorating their room. It’s time for some renovation!

  • Personal Home Library

For all the bookworms in the world, a personal library is the perfect idea for you. A private reading area will allow you to stock all your books and you will have your personal space and favorite couch to savor your favorite books and novels.

  • Extra Guest Room

You can now invite more family members and friends at home for a sleep over. They will all sleep comfortably in your extra guest room. The days of spreading extra mattresses and squishing each other to sleep are gone. With a guest room, you can keep your home guest friendly.

  • Craft Room

If you are DIY person, a personalized craft room will be the perfect space. You will be able to store your crafting materials and you can bring out the artist in you by working comfortably in your personal space.

  • Personal Home Gym

Trying to keep fit for a long time but you are too lazy to hit the gym? How about turning your extra room into a home gym? You can work out at ease and anytime that you feel like. No more excuses to skip a work out!

  • Media Room

Are you a movie fan? Then you will be loving your own media room. After a long tiring week, what’s better than curling up in your blanket and watching your favorite movie. It is also the perfect spot to invite friends over for a movie night.

  • Art Studio

Unleash the artist in you! Let your creative mind express itself in your art room. If you are passionate about painting, an art room is the ideal space. You can spend hours creating a showpiece!

  • Private Bar

Your home can be the destination for all your adult get together. All you have to do is convert your extra space into a private bar. Bring out the card games and booze! Let the night begin!

You can use all the above ideas to renovate your spare room!

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  1. I like your ideas for redecorating Kids’ Rooms.I love to include multiple kinds of lighting in a kid’s room for decoration.Nice article keep sharing.

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