Colour Psychology for Home Deco

Colours can be used to inspire feelings, create space illusions or set the atmosphere of any particular room for home décor. Colour psychology is a wonderful solution to explore your creativity in a healthy and aesthetically desirable sense.

Here is a list of colours that can be used in interiors and exteriors to affect the mood and atmosphere of any space:

• Use bright colours to create the illusion of space. Soft tones of off-white, blue and green make interiors look bigger and more inviting

• Deep tones like reds, oranges and yellows can warm up your home interiors, especially during winter

• Blue, turquoise and even white should be your preferred options to help cool the general mood in summer

• Red and pattern of reds can help build appetites. A lot of restaurants opt for red patterns for their interior to increase appetite

• For bedrooms and bathrooms, it is recommended to use relaxing colours like the different shades of blue, green and even lavender

• Use pale blue and other warm colours in your fitness rooms for a cooling atmosphere after aggressive workout session

Be it paint, window coverings, cabinetry, tiles or furniture, ensure you find the right balance of the different colours in your home.

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