Decorating Ideas for Your Staircase


Decorating Ideas for Your Staircase

The staircase is often the forgotten part of the interior decoration. What a pity! Because this place can be transformed into a decorative asset! Here are some tips for decorating your staircase.

Decorating the steps of your staircase

You can decorate the steps of your staircase with wallpaper or stickers or place objects on the steps like plants or books. Here’s how to make your staircase more dynamic and, more precisely, its steps.

Stack books on the steps

If your staircase is wide enough, you can afford to put some objects on the steps to decorate them. Why not books? Small stacks of beautiful books with bright, colorful covers will bring cheerfulness and personality to your steps.

Put some plants on the steps

You have a green thumb, and your house is dotted with greenery? Why not add some greenery to the steps of your staircase? If you also have direct light in your staircase, there is no reason why orchids, succulents, or cacti should not be used on your stairs to bring life and cheerfulness.

Decorate steps with wallpaper or stickers

Without having to embark on painting projects, you can color your steps and, what’s more, at a lower cost. To do this, use wallpaper to cover the risers of your stairs. Your risers will add color to your stairwell from a single piece of paper or various colors.

Instead of using wallpaper, you can use stickers. For example, some stickers are characters like little mice that wander between your steps. Some cover the entire riser and imitate cement tiles.

Decorating the walls of your stairwell


The walls of your stairwell are an opportunity to bring a marked style, whether to hang frames or pretty hats!

Hang frames in your stairwell

So why not use it to hang frames with photos or posters of your choice? Gathered in a composition or aligned with the steps of the staircase, they will decorate the steps.

Note: You can also combine frames and mirrors to energize your decoration.

Install shelves in your stairwell

A shallow shelf can be placed on the wall of the staircase. You can then place knickknacks, books, or green plants.

Display your collections above the stairs

Don’t know where to put your collections? Here’s a great place to put them, a sort of showroom to display them! The walls along the staircase are the best place for your collections if they are of the appropriate size! Here you and your guests can admire your collection of hats, stamps, or old postcards.

Decorating the staircase elements

Have you thought about the handrail? A handrail is very useful against the wall to secure the ascent and descent of a staircase. Why not turn it into a decorative asset? For a nautical style, you can place a sailor’s rope slipped into pistons fixed to the walls. For a contemporary style, place LEDS under a metal or wooden handrail. Finally, for a Zen style, fix a driftwood handrail.

What is the budget to decorate your stairs?

From $10 for a 10-meter roll of patterned wallpaper.

12/m hemp handrail rope.

14 for a sheet of mouse stickers.

15 for a set of 3 stickers for imitation cement tiles.

60 for a 5 m led ribbon.

You can find these decorative elements in home improvement and decorating stores.

Light up the steps

To highlight your staircase, you can light up its steps. By installing led ribbons, you will have a bluffing decorative effect, and you will secure all the more the ascent and the descent of the steps.

Now you know how to decorate your staircase! Remember to share your experience in the comments below.

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