5 Ideas for a Workshop Decor

Workshop Decor

5 Ideas for a Workshop Decor

Workshop decor is everywhere in magazines, on TV shows, in the small shops, designers, and craftsmen you particularly like, and you want to find it in your home. Do you dream of a house with a strong character made of raw steel, interior windows, and industrial furniture? It’s not that complicated. You just need to have a good eye and choose the right elements!

Even if you don’t live in a loft, with our 5 ideas for workshop decor, you’ll create a home with an industrial look.

1. Choose a floor that tells a story

In old workshops, floors often have a history: solid wood floors marked by the feet of machines or heavy steel furniture, raw concrete floors… Their presence alone dresses up the rooms.

    – If you don’t have the budget for a solid wood floor, you can find vinyl flooring in rolls or strips that imitate the old workshop floors with all their irregularities.

    – If you prefer the look of concrete, you’ll opt for a waxed or polished concrete floor, a concrete-like resin, and if your budget is limited, a vinyl imitation concrete will look good without the price tag.

2. Play with trompe-l’oeil on the walls

Workshop Decor

Workshop decor goes particularly well with brick. To dress up your walls, you’ll choose facing bricks mounted in indoor slabs, which are quick and easy to install. If you do not want to embark on major work, a trompe-l’oeil wallpaper will have amazing realistic effects.

You can also choose a coating imitating raw concrete, whether it is a trowel effect plaster or wallpaper imitating the irregularities of this material.

3. Workshop decor: metal structures in the spotlight

If you are lucky enough to have exposed structures, give them the spotlight by painting them gray or waxing them to reinforce their original steel color. 

If you live in a space without industrial structures, you can remedy this by installing a workshop-style canopy to separate two rooms. 

4. Shop for factory and office furniture

In flea markets, you can easily find old factory or administration furniture, mostly metal or metal, and wood: old checkrooms, stools, and steel chairs will give an undeniable workshop touch to your decor.

If you prefer new furniture, many brands make reissues of old models with visible welds and irregularities reproduced identically.

Good to know: in a living room, industrial furniture will go perfectly with a black or tan patina leather sofa. The Chesterfield model will be particularly suitable, as well as club chairs.

5. Paint the woodwork

Painting elements like doors and windows in steel or charcoal gray will immediately give your interior a raw workshop feel. 

Good to know: use good quality matte paint.

You can also play with the trompe l’oeil on doors by putting stickers imitating steel doors with bolts for an even more realistic effect.

Choose lighting fixtures with a workshop look

The famous Jieldé lamp is the perfect example of the workshop light that invites itself into our interiors. It comes in all colors and sizes, so choosing the one that best suits your decor is up to you.

The workshop-type lights are not limited to this essential model: the lamps placed on furniture or suspended at the end of a wire, as the projectors with large lamps as those of professional photographers will immediately give an industrial look.

Finally, to give a workshop look to your classic interior, you’ll probably have to do some decorating. Our tips will help you see more clearly in our next article. In the meantime, don’t forget to leave us your comments below.

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