The Essentials for a Cozy-Chic Decoration

The Essentials for a Cozy-Chic Decoration

Cozy chic decoration rhymes with simplicity and elegance. The decoration is simple and refined but also functional and practical. In this post, we will set the picture for you to get an idea of what you are really looking for.


Use natural and soft shades such as beige, pink, and linen. If you like shades, try decor with warm, natural colors: burgundy red, anthracite grey, fir green, lagoon blue, mustard yellow, navy blue, taupe brown.

Materials for a cozy and chic decoration

For a comfortable interior, the most desirable materials are fabrics that retain a warm feel. Aim at mixing noble materials that aim to transform a living room into a warm and very comfortable space. Mohair, wool, cashmere, wood, marble. All these elements combine to create an atmosphere filled with softness.


Wood is an essential material to use for cozy and chic decoration.

Timeless, it is adapted in different ways and reveals different essences. You can use it:

– For floors: it warms the atmosphere, unlike tiles.

– In terms of furniture: very chic, wood is a noble material that gives character to your interiors.

– In terms of lighting and furniture.

Walls and floor


For walls, choose warm and natural colors:

– White, cream, linen.

– Blue-grey, light blue, blue-green

– Mouse grey

– Pastel green, duck green

Tip: very popular at the moment, the tapestry is back in fashion for interiors. Choose floral or Scandinavian patterns to bring a little sweetness. However, be careful not to overload your room; prefer only a few leaves, on a single piece of wall, for example.


For a cozy atmosphere, opt for a parquet floor.

The parquet floor is very suitable for a cocoon and warm style. There are different types of parquet floors that you can put in your living room as well as in damp rooms such as the bathroom:

– Solid parquet

– Floating parquet

– Laminated parquet

– The PVC floor with a parquet effect

To facilitate installation and a minimum price, you can put a PVC floor with a parquet effect decor. You can further warm your floor by covering it with thick carpets and floor cushions.

Tip: Avoid tiles as much as possible if you live in a cold region, as they are too cold and impersonal.

The living room

For the cozy and chic decoration of your living room, don’t forget to add the following:

– A parquet floor or parquet effect accentuated by cozy carpets.

– A sofa, preferably made of fabric with a bunch of cushions.

– Indirect lighting: floor lamp, garland light, table lamp.

– Double curtains for a more intimate space.

– The little extra: a stove or a chimney.

The room

For a cozy and chic place, choose:

– Light and natural walls with an elegant tapestry as the headboard.

– A parquet floor or parquet effect with several soft carpets.

– Bed linen, cushions, and blankets in pastel colors with natural fabrics that inspire a feeling of comfort.

– Indirect lighting with pretty bedside lamps made of wood or with a fabric shade.

The bathroom

For a cozy and chic bathroom, here are some tips:

– Choose powdery shades (pastel pink, light grey, cream) and wood. You can then choose wooden furniture that matches the floor.

– For the walls outside the shower area, you can opt for wallpaper that will dress the walls in a very cozy way. Choose a design with soft colors and classic designs for the chic side.

– Replace your Italian shower with a beautiful free-standing bathtub that will add a lot of character to your bathroom.

The kitchen

Here are some tips for a chic and cozy kitchen:

– Choose a wooden kitchen that can be adapted into different types of wood: raw, lacquered, smooth, dark country house style, light wood in a Scandinavian spirit, or more contemporary bleached wood.

– For your kitchen wall, choose light and warm colors, and avoid black and red.

– On the ground, opt for a parquet floor, parquet effect, or light grey waxed concrete.

– For more friendliness, you can add cushions on the chairs, a large table in the center, and beautiful photo frames.

– The little something extra: you can add an armchair or a floor lamp for a warmer atmosphere (as if your living room was in the kitchen).

All in all, choose soft textures and noble materials such as solid wood, blond stone, and brick, and play with so-called “warm” colors. Don’t forget the accessories that will enhance the coziness of your spaces: curtains, carpets, cushions, and plaids.

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