15 Latest Bedroom Wall Color Ideas For You


Deciding for the appropriate shade to paint your bedroom walls can be difficult as you have to ensure that your chosen color goes well with the room’s lighting, furniture, and overall decor. You will be surprised to know that every room in a home tells a story, and the room’s color helps bring that story to life. This makes your room’s wall color even more essential! When brainstorming bedroom colors, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of possible room painting ideas. Read on to learn how to determine the best bedroom color for your design vision.

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What is the psychology behind paint color?

According to trusted psychologists, certain colors have been associated with increased blood pressure, metabolism, eye strain, and emotion. Specifically, the color red increases heart rate, blood pressure, and appetite. Black is associated with anger and aggression. Shades of dark blue and dark green can also bring about feelings of sadness and indifference. Moreover, the color of a room is deeply personal and often has cultural associations as well. For example, in Japan and China, the color white is used to indicate mourning, whereas white is associated with cleanliness and purity in the United States. Some middle east countries associate the color blue with protection and paint their front doors blue to ward off evil spirits.

So, when it comes to choosing a color for your bedroom, consider how the color makes you feel.

What you should consider when choosing bedroom paint colors?

Your bedroom lighting

Does your room get enough natural light? Paint colors can look very different depending on the light. For my room, I originally picked a paint color called Blanched Coral, which makes the room look wider in natural light. To be sure, you can get a sample, and paint a square on your wall, paying careful attention to how it changes in certain lights throughout the day.

Adjacent bedrooms

With open concept home designs, many homes nowadays have rooms that flow right into another. If a half wall, arch, or any other sort of framing technically separates the spaces, you will need to decide if you want to paint both spaces the same color or choose a complementary color for the adjacent space.


The size of your bedroom

While white can certainly create a sense of airiness in some spaces, you can easily blend its edges and camouflage its small size by choosing dark colors for a small room. Alternately, dark colors in large rooms make it feel smaller and cozier as lighter colors enhance the feeling of openness.

Your bedroom furnishings

If you do not want to buy new furnishings for your bedroom, then you can simply choose a new wall color that goes well with them. A friend of mine, for example, painted her bedroom walls a pale pink color because it matched well with her gray furniture! Surprisingly, the use of contrasting colors can give good results too!

What vibe are you going for with your bedroom?

Pale and cool colors will create a sense of serenity in your bedroom. Likewise, warm colors, especially red, will raise your room’s energy level and are great for fostering conversation and sociability. Moreover, bright colors, like yellow, give a sense of happiness.

Here are some of the latest wonderful color ideas for you:

  • Shades of lavender and light lilac will exude serenity while providing a vibrant yet understated color palette for your bedroom.bedroom

  • Terracotta will give a sense of earthiness to your bedroom and will blend well with greenery and dark furniture.


  • Blue is associated with clear skies and sunny days and will evoke happiness and serenity in your bedroom room.


  • Deep shades of purple will offer an elegant edge to your bedroom.


  • Creamy colors will pair well with light wood furniture and flooring and will give your room an airy feeling.


  • Rich shades of dark grey will add deep, warm tones and a modern appeal to your room.


  • Light green will evoke clean and earthy tones.


  • Mustard yellow color will give vibrant and warm feelings to your room.


  • Light shades of rose pink will blend well with warm copper or light gold accents.


  • White walls will open the space and make your room appear larger than it is. It will also provide a great palette for adding more colors to the decor.


  • Cool, gray tones will enhance your room’s natural light and will go well with green and blue decor.


  • Metallic paint, such as gold, will make your room appear larger and typically will work best when used on an accent wall.


  • Zesty shades of apricot and peach will pair well with creamy beige tones and will add an element of flair to your bedroom.


  • Soothing shades of light yellow will add a cheerful touch to your room.


  • Cool shades of sea blue are modern and minimalist and will add the perfect touch of color.bedroom

Finally, I have already made my choice of my bedroom wall color, which will match my cheerful personality and make my bedroom look wider and spacier! Which one do you prefer? Please share your comments below!

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