Top 5 Simple Reasons To Choose Tiles For Your Home


Tiles are unanimously among the most popular floor coverings. This is not surprising since it is an installation that perfectly combines beauty and resistance. This type of flooring refers to the taste of luxury and elegance. It also has unparalleled durability and ease of maintenance, making it even more popular with consumers.

1. A timeless accessory


The use of tile as a floor covering is not new. Even though techniques have evolved since then, their use has been proven to date back to ancient times. And the fact that the concept has carried on to the present day is proof of just how effective it is.

Tiling can be adapted to all types of homes. Depending on how the buyer wants it to look, it can be used to conform to any style of home, from vintage to contemporary. In addition to its aesthetic properties, its practicality is one of its most appreciated qualities.

2. Proven versatility

The advantage of tile is its ability to adapt to all types of decor. It can be installed in different rooms of a house, inside and outside. For example, it can be used to cover the interior floor and can also be used to cover the walls. In addition to that, it can be used in different rooms of a house; from the living room to the terrace, through the kitchen and the bathroom.

3. A variety of choices


There is a multitude of tiles from which the consumer can choose. We can, for example, find ceramic tiles, stoneware, earthenware, terracotta, slate, natural stone … Each material has its own specificities and is suitable for a specific use. Thus, we can deduce that the type of tile used as flooring in the living room may differ from that used in the bathroom.

4. A neat aesthetic touch

The work of the tiler is not done randomly. He takes care to study the surface on which he will intervene and then performs preparatory work. Then, he carries out the installation of tiles by making sure to follow meticulous steps in order to bring out a result that can at the same time surprise and allure by its charm and the know-how with which it was made.

The tiler is indeed able to create a real work of art through the way he aligns the tiles. The result is even more exquisite, considering the type of tile used. There are indeed tiles fulfilling a double role; the mosaic tile, decorated with patterns, serves both as a coating and as an eye-catcher through the printed drawings.

5. Easy maintenance


The tile requires regular monitoring of its cleanliness and condition. But taking care of it is not a complicated process. Indeed, there are tricks that are more or less easy to take care of and ensure the durability of its tiles. The first is to use homemade products such as soapy water mixed with vinegar.

For those who are not really into cleaning, there are permanent anti-slip products that only require one application. This mixture allows for cleaning and shining the surface of the tiles. This operation must be done periodically to prevent clogging.

The tile setter: a fan of good taste

Although it may sound simple, tiling is a process in which the tiler puts all his know-how to work to meet his client’s expectations. He must find the perfect agreements between a meticulous installation and adjustment of the tiles with the space to be treated.

In addition to the installation, he is able to carry out repair work to refurbish a tile eaten away by the tests of time and aggression. He is also the man to turn to when you need advice on the proper way to maintain an installation.

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