How To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Relaxation Space?

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A bathroom is a place of refuge for everyone. Close the door, and you instantly have a private space where no one can disturb you. It is a place to relax, a refuge to regain your strength and a room where you can hide from your daily duties for a while.

Aside from style and functionality, in recent years, “comfort” has also become an essential factor. More and more people are considering this when furnishing or remodelling this room. To help you face any challenges, we’ve compiled a list of ideas to help you transform your bathroom into a relaxing and recharging space.

The Right Color Combinations for a Relaxing Bathroom

Choosing bright color combinations can make your bathroom look more spacious and inviting. You can stick with a main color such as green or choose woody tones. Of course, the possibilities are endless.

Bright Color Combinations

When you are busy, you need a relaxing atmosphere where your eyes are not disturbed by strong contrasts or strong color combinations.

The light shades of blue make a bathroom an oasis of peace. It can be easily incorporated into a color scheme by painting the walls or choosing simple tiles with a glossy or semi-glossy finish and printing them discreetly.

Pure white and furniture pieces can add brightness to a room and help create the bathroom of your dreams. If a combination of light blue and white is common, try a combination of cyan and light gray.

Choose Furniture With Lots of Storage Space

If you like to look at yourself in the bathroom mirror, you can hardly see anything through the various bottles. Besides, the edges of the washroom are usually crowded with countless hygiene products and multiple containers of cleaning solutions. If you have to search all over the room for body lotion, no amount of candles around the bathroom will make you feel rested

A relaxing atmosphere depends mainly on the storage space in your bathroom. At the same time, it is also related to the need to remove all the unnecessary things that take up space and give the impression that the room is crowded.

You can use wall-mounted cabinets or shelves in the bathroom for better air circulation. You can choose wall brackets with pockets or wicker or stainless-steel baskets that can be hung with hooks.

If you still need more space, there is still room under the sink or bathtub. You can hide your sanitary products with sophisticated shelves to store detergents, cosmetics, and even towels.

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Turn Your Bathroom Into a Tropical Paradise

A tropical paradise may be a bit too much, but a plant or two can transform your bathroom. Not only do they purify the air, but they also enhance decorations that tend to be boring.

Indeed, the humidity is high, and the temperature difference between the rooms is huge. Without enough natural light, the bathroom cannot be a friendly environment for plants. However, this will not be a problem for some of them.

For instance, Aloe vera is a plant that prefers indirect lighting, which is why you can place the pot in the bathroom. Asparagus, which likes to have its leaves washed and does not mind a shower once or twice a month, is a good choice. On the other hand, bamboo does not suffer from a lack of light. Begonias also bloom well and prefer high humidity, as do aspidistra, cyclamen, and ferns.

Create a Comfortable Space Using Wood

Even if you can’t give your bathroom a rustic decor, you can still enjoy the warmth and comfort using wood. Use natural wood grain tones such as golden brown on the walls (or PVC panels that look like oak or pinewood) and use sunny yellow as an accent color for furniture and decorations.

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