Custom Homes: Dos and Don’ts


Most people dream of living in the homes of their dreams, and not all of them achieve to do this. So, if you are building the custom home of your dream, there are a lot of dos and don’ts that you need to take into consideration. Continue to read this blog and learn about these. Personally, I never dreamt of living in a home with picket-fences because I don’t find myself fit in that type of environment. I’m a self-proclaimed city dweller who thrives in the noisy and overcrowded space that is New York City, and I don’t think I’ll ever buy a home in a quiet neighborhood because this is not the environment I thrive in. So, without further ado, let’s get into this list of what you should and shouldn’t do when thinking of or building the house of your dreams.

Do: Stick to the budget.


Whilst building your home, there are a lot of things that will come along the way, some necessities and some wants, we always say, for building a house, always have a bit of extra cash aside for the unseen costs that will eventually come by because this is the construction 101. However, you shouldn’t go over budget because you want something that wasn’t originally in the plan. This will most likely than not, skyrocket the price, pre-plan everything beforehand, and throw all your ideas to the architect. They’ll be able to tell you what will work or not. Remember, if you keep spending money on unnecessary things, then your dream will never come to fruition and will always remain a dream instead of becoming a reality.

Don’t: Push the timetable.


As mentioned earlier they will always be some issues that will delay the construction of your dream and custom home, and this is why we tell everyone who is planning on building a house to plan a schedule and stick to it as far as possible. It can be really infuriating when you think how much time it takes to build a home from start to finish, and if you keep pushing this back, then you’ll never see the home of your dreams; it is not something that you can procrastinate! Also, the longer it takes to finish your home, the longer you’ll have to stay in your current living situation, and you’ll have a hell of a lot of rentals to pay, and this will rack up the bill. Now, we aren’t telling you to harass the construction worker, but you have to use your voice to show them your discontent if they are trailing behind.

Do: Talk to the builder.


Try to create an amicable relationship with the builder and schedule regular visits on the site but ring them up beforehand because construction sites can be a real hazard. You can easily hurt yourself there, and informing them of your visit will allow them to guide you through the site. While talking about your needs and demand, don’t be metaphorical and try to be as specific as you can because they aren’t mind readers, and you’ll have to be real with them. Ask for their advice and respect their expertise because they most likely than not have more experience than you on the matter. It’s a two-way street; as long as you respect them, they’ll respect you!

Don’t: think short-term.


When it comes to building a home, always think about the long run; now, I know you don’t want to think about selling the home of your dreams, but it is something that you should be aware of. In this economy where nothing is unsure, thinking about the future is the best thing to do, and this is why we tell everyone to think about the resellability of their future custom home. Also, think about possible renovation and add-ons, and think about the future when it comes to construction and home owning.

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