Bathroom Accessories that Everybody Needs


My bathroom is my personal relaxation space in my home and is the place I go to whenever I’m stressed and feel anxious and down. After a hard day’s work, I like to get into my bathtub, light a candle alongside my favorite book. I stay in there for about an hour, reading, relaxing and sometimes enjoying a nice glass of wine. So, to make your bathroom your safe space and your go-to area to relax, you need a couple of accessories that will up your bathroom game and will bring it to the next level. So, without any further ado, let’s get into the list of accessories that everyone needs to have for their bathroom.



A beautiful and vanity mirror can be the greatest accessory that you can get for your bathroom and will give it a more bougie vibe, and if you love the Victorian era aesthetics, then you should definitely get one of those sturdy vanity mirrors, especially your bathroom. Bathroom mirrors draw a lot of attention, and upgrading your dinky mirror with a more prominent and dainty one will make your bathroom pop. So, one simple thing like a mirror can change the whole vibe and alter the look of a room.

Heated Bath Mat


Heated floors are really expensive, and in this economy, you have to sell an arm and a leg to get this installed; a cheaper and more viable alternative is a heated bath mat. A heated bath mat is really needed for those cool winters, and if you are a city dweller like me and live in a city like Manhattan, you know how cold it gets here. A bath mat, especially a heated one, can make a difference and is very useful if you run cold. Sometimes in life, it’s the simple things that make a difference, and with today’s more tech-forward world, high-tech rugs are rechargeable now and are the best thing you can get out there if you feel wary of getting heated floor.

Bathroom Faucet


This one is also an easy way to up your bathroom game; replacing your old traditional faucet with a more classy one will make your bathroom look great. This is one of the easiest and cheaper ways to give your bathroom a makeover without making your bank account sad. It is an accessory that is available in most shops that sell bathroom accessories. You have leeway and creative liberty to accessorize and style your bathroom however you want, so go on Pinterest and make yourself a mood board that will show how you wish your future bathroom will look.

Waterproof speaker


As argued earlier, for me, the bathroom is a place where I go to relax. So, a waterproof speaker is the best accessory for you to get to set in that relaxing mood. So, for the ideal relaxation time, run yourself a hot bath, pop in a bath bomb and add a couple of drops of essential oils if you feel like it and get yourself your favorite book, candle, and a pour yourself a glass of chardonnays and put on your favorite song on your waterproof speaker. For, me this is the ideal way of relaxing and is how I cool off after a hard day at work or after a stressful day.

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