Bring Valentine’s Day To Your Home

Love is in the air and February 14 is just around the corner. Instead of organising or attending parties, why don’t you bring Valentine’s Day into your home?

If you are struggling to come up with some unique ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the following creative and romantic home decorations ideas might just be the spark you need to help you celebrate the big day at home.

#1. Decorate With Beautiful Wall Art

Wall art is usually that additional and finishing touch which can make your space feel complete. Choosing the perfect wall art is a key element to a successful interior design. However, our objective here is not to achieve the perfect home décor but rather a romantic atmosphere.

Nowadays, there are various ways to give a Valentine’s Day touch to the walls of your house. If you want to add a personalised touch without spending thousands on artwork, purchase a simple picture frame and can add romantic pictures like your wedding photos or the pictures taken during your honeymoon. Pink paper hearts can also be placed inside the frames.

Graphic art prints which are graphical representations of art are also recommended.

#2. Hang a Heart Wreath

Even though I doubt it, but for all those who don’t know what a wreath is, it refers to a circular and decorative assortment of flowers and foliage. Many believe that the origins of the wreaths can be traced back to Ancient Rome.

If you want to add a lovey-dovey touch to your home, you can add a heart-shaped wreath on your door. However, the XO wreath design is one of the most popular Valentine’s Day home decorations. All you need to do is create an “X” with branches and red berries, place it on the top of the door, and place a white and circular wreath representing an “O” just below it.

#3. Display Candies and Chocolates

During the Happy Couples Day, we are bombarded with sweets and chocolates. But, have you ever thought about using these exquisite delicacies as decorations?

At this time of the year, shops are usually filled with chocolates and candies of different colours, flavours and sizes. Take a few jars, fill them with wrapped chocolates, jellybeans, red liquorice and more. Then, simply place these containers on your kitchen counters or near the windows. These sweet sets can also be placed near the bedside table.

These sweet jars may be a pleasure to look at, but they can often represent hard-to-resist temptations and end up being devoured very quickly.

#4. Home-Made Photo Booth

A photo booth in the house? Yes!

Why waste time to go to a vending machine or a modern kiosk to take a picture when you can have your own home-made photo booth for Valentine’s Day?

Today, with a variety of online DIY tips, you can easily find and set up your own charming photo booth. For example, many people opt for pink flowers and heart-shaped decoration ones.

#5. Romantic Banners

Personalised banners can help to deliver the romantic message that you want to convey to your loved one. Of course, it is then up to you to customise the banner. You can choose to put a personal and intimate message or include a favourite romantic movie quote. For instance, below we provide with some iconic romantic movie lines which can undoubtedly melt anyone:

  • The Lord of the Rings: “I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the Ages of this world alone.”
  • Me Before You: “You are pretty much the only thing that makes me want to get up in the morning.”
  • The Best Of Me: “I don’t have much to offer, but I promise you can have the best of me.”

Do you think these decorations are enough to set a romantic mood? Please share your comments!

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