Tips for the Perfect Kitchen Make-Over

Whether you need a place to perfect your favorite gourmet recipe or a place to reheat a frozen pizza, the kitchen is an integral part of any home. Whether it’s having coffee in the morning or meeting friends and family for dinner, most of us spend a lot of time in the kitchen – so it’s even more critical that we feel 100% comfortable in that space.

It’s no wonder so many of us choose to redesign our kitchens to create a fully functional kitchen that meets our highest expectations. But before you start to work out all the issues that bother you so much, take a moment – or two – to design your ideal space in your head. To keep things in perspective, we’ve put together this list of ten tips for creating quality kitchens that exceed even your wildest dreams. Read on for unparalleled inspiration!



1. Haste makes waste

It can never be said enough: never start renovating until you fully understand what you want to change. To help you determine what should stay and what should go, spend a few hours cooking in the space, actively thinking about what is undesirable or inefficient. All quality kitchens are the result of meticulous planning, so never skip this step in the process!

2. Leave plenty of room for storage space

Your storage space, on both sides of your stove and near your refrigerator (and maybe even near your microwave), should be at least 15 inches long. Convenience is essential, after all!

3. Chat counters

If you’re a kitchen guru, opt for spacious counters that will allow you to line up and reach all your ingredients with minimal effort. If you have children who like to help you cook in a storm, you may even want to consider installing lower countertops that your children can easily reach.

4. What is the island for?

Many quality kitchens have an island, but you probably haven’t thought about what it’s for. Well, now is the time, because your answer will affect its design and size! If you want to kill two birds with one stone and use the island as both kitchen space and a dining area, make sure you leave enough room for both functions.

5. Move cabinets away from corners

Don’t just think about the beauty of your new closets. Think about how they will open – and in what direction. A designer’s worst nightmare is the corners blocking the cabinet doors or the cabinet doors swinging in opposite directions and bumping into each other. Such blunders are moments when we come face to face.

6. Electrical outlets are priceless.

Whether you’re plugging in your new blender or charging your phone, installing electrical outlets in convenient locations, such as on your island or backsplash, is essential – but often forgotten!

7. Consider your walking trails

As a general rule, all quality kitchens should have aisles at least 45 inches wide (if not wider!) in the cooking areas and aisles about 35 inches wide in the rest of the space. No one wants a traffic jam in the kitchen!


8. Enjoy the convenience

Wouldn’t it be great if you could fill your pan with water right next to your cooktop? Well, ingenious pot fillers turn that dream into efficient reality. Why not break your arms and install one of these miraculous mechanisms?

9. Revolutionizing Recycling

Recycling garbage cans that are in plain sight not only take away the beauty of a room but can also be a nuisance. Solve both problems with a simple solution: hide your recycling in sliding cabinets instead. If you are very organized, you can even put your glass, plastic, metal, and paper containers in separate cabinets.

10. Consider cleaning

No one likes to think about cleaning, but treat yourself when you remodel your shelves, counters, and sinks. While glass shelves or glossy finishes can be fabulous when first installed, think about how long it will take to clean these materials after cooking with the kids or trying a new elaborate recipe. It often focuses on practicality over aesthetics, so think about these matte finishes and built-in sinks.

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