Decorating with Brick Veneers

Are you looking for a design option that is both aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly? Then you will love brick veneers! Made of real brick that is thinner than normal bricks used for masonry construction, veneers are used like tile for interior remodels and upgrades applied with mortar and spacers to any existing wall or structure. They are not weight-bearing and do not affect the structural aspects of the home.

There is virtually no limit to the creativity afforded by brick veneers in interior design work. Think beyond a brick fireplace to kitchen backsplashes, bedroom accents and more. You can even wrap them around columns, lay them in curved patterns or anything else your imagination can conjure up.

Brick veneer adds character to any room by serving as a focal point or presenting itself as a backdrop that either compliments or contrasts other design elements. Whether you want rustic or industrial, the use of brick veneer adds beauty and texture to an otherwise bland room. Below are a few uses for brick veneer.


By using brick veneer in your home decor, you are adding warmth, texture and character to a room that otherwise would be dull and have the same pattern. Brick is also a great counterpart in modern bathrooms, varying the texture in the room – modern versus rustic. It is most commonly used in minimalist industrial decor, as the brick and unpolished flooring create an abandoned warehouse look, which is quite popular today. White brick veneer creates a modern yet cozy atmosphere in a room, perfect for sitting with the family or curled up with a good book.

Focal Point

Brick veneer is arguably at its best when it’s the focal point of a room, and a fireplace is perfect for this especially when there are plain walls on either side of it. If you use a white brick veneer, it can help make the room feel cozier and warmer, making it the place that everyone wants to relax in. If you use traditional brick, it will become an ideal choice for anyone who wants to keep up with the latest trends.

Veneer Wall

Using a brick veneer to decorate a large space is an excellent way to add visual interest without compromising the brightness or openness of the space. If you have a family room or bedroom and don’t want the walls to be bland and boring, brick veneers provide that feeling of an older home on new walls while still welcoming the openness. A single brick wall is a great focal point that will help make a room seem less undefined and give a loft vibe to it.


By using a brick veneer on the exterior of your home, you can add flair and personality while also giving it a sense of stability. Even if you only decide to use a little bit of brick veneer, it will make your house stand out in the neighbourhood and give you that unique industrial look.

Other Uses

One use can be the basement if you want to transform it into a creative studio or ‘rec room’. White brick veneer can make the room look airier and brighter than what it actually is, due to the lack of windows. Another use is brick veneer doorframes if you want to add a bit of drama into your decor. Using a brick veneer is the perfect way to bring a natural feel and element into a home if you don’t want a full brick wall.

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