The Korean Bedroom Decoration Style

Are you a fan of Korean dramas? Would you like to replicate the bedroom styles you see in your favourite drama? If so, the tips below will set you on the right track!

Wall Paint

If you want to copy a Korean Drama style bedroom, the first step is to opt for pastel paints on your walls. Pastel paint is preferred in South Korea due to its light and soothing aspect. As shown in ‘Weightlifting Kim Bok Joo’, pastel colours usually offer a warm and dream-like touch to rooms. Another benefit of pastel paint is that it can be mixed easily with various shades to obtain the colour of your choice.

Sliding Doors

The use of sliding doors dates back to ancient Korean times and closely resembles Japanese designs. Sliding doors were widely pictured in traditional and classical themed dramas such as The Tale of Nokdu. In order to symbolise the traditional Korean concept, the materials used to construct the sliding doors were mainly wood and ‘Hanji’, a traditional Korean paper. However, due to the unavailability of these materials in some countries, one can also use an aluminium sliding door.


Did you know that curtains usually have a great impact on the aesthetics of a room?

Koreans tend to simply use white translucent curtains, which will allow natural lighting into your bedroom. White curtains will also help to bring a sense of privacy and warmth in your bedroom.

If you are not a fan of white curtains, you can choose the new and trendy Korean Blinds. Since 2019, these contemporary and latest blinds have been dominating the Singapore market. Also called, Combi Blinds or Dual Shade Blinds, these innovative blinds offer more flexible control of light and generate a sense of privacy in a room. These transitional blinds provide the luxury of a light and dark filtering setting, giving your bedroom a fresh and Korean touch.


Do you love looking at yourself in the mirror? The next Korean décor style includes not just any mirror but a full body mirror!

Instead of fixing your mirror on the wall, it is better to let it lean on the wall!

As mirrors reflect light, a full-length mirror is said to increase the amount of light in your bedroom. Additionally, it can make your room space look bigger. A full body mirror will also enhance the mood and tone of your room.

The best reason to have a full-length mirror is to be able to have a clearer and better view of yourself. Questions such as, ‘Did I choose the right outfit?’, ‘Am I looking good?’ and ‘Is the dress too short?’ will all be answered with a full-body mirror.

Lamps and Lights

South Koreans have a preference for placing multiple light sources in their bedroom. The different light sources will create soft lighting which will add a cosy and peaceful atmosphere in your bedroom.
Light sources such as a desk lamp, Korean paper square lamp, a standing lamp can all be installed in the bedroom.

A typical Korean drama style is the box-shaped light, where the specific shape of the box on the lights offer a unique touch of the traditions of the Ginseng Country.


Another key element of Korean bedroom décor is bookshelves. All you need to do is to install simple shelving units and display books. You can either buy ready-made shelving units or with online DIY ideas available to you, you can quickly build a bookshelf yourself. Once the bookshelf is ready, you can arrange your favourite books.

If you are not a book worm, there’s no need to worry! You can still choose and display books from famous international authors, like J.K Rowling, Nora Roberts or even some South Korean authors, like Bae Suah.

Decorative Items

Instead of using large and ornate decorative pieces, the Korean style includes smaller decorative items, like small art portrays, plants and wall hangings.

Kawaii stuffed animals and figures can also be placed in your bedroom. ‘Kawaii’ simply refers to the characteristic of something or someone being cute. Hence, kawaii figures and stuffed animals are also a feature of the Korean style bedroom décor. These adorable items can be placed on the bed, desk or on the bedside tables. These items lighten and bring a touch of happiness in the bedroom.

Were you inspired by these Korean style bedroom decors? If yes, please do share your opinions!

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