4 Savvy Reasons to Go for RTA (Ready to Assemble) Cabinets

Now that you’re busy refurbishing your kitchen, it’s time to consider which cabinets to use. Like it or not, your kitchen is the room that most of your guests will tend to rate. It’s also a popular family gathering point and the place where you’ll spend hours preparing and cooking your favorite dishes. Cabinets are often the most vital elements of your kitchen’s function and aesthetics. They take up a lot of visual space and have a considerable impact on the overall visual design. 

With this in mind, it’s essential that you consider all storage options. If you’re unsure which cabinetry really “fits” your kitchen, you should maybe go for something a little more customized and sophisticated like RTA (ready to assemble) kitchen cabinets! RTA cabinets are shipped in flat packs (with all parts ready to be assembled) and come in an extensive spectrum of finishes and doors styles. Below are some of the top smart reasons to go for this exclusive furniture!

#1. Oh-So-Easy to Assemble

Savvy do it “yourselfers”, this one’s for you! If you’re feeling handy, you can quickly put together your RTA cabinets yourself. They come with detailed instructions and the tools required are very simple and basic – usually just a hammer, nails, wood glue, and a screwdriver. The installation is also easy-breezy and can be easily done if you’ve got some experience in the area. Of course, you can also ask your contractor to install them for you. Even if you do, it shouldn’t take too long. Building and installing RTA cabinets should be a breeze for any contractor doing more complex renovations.

#2. Pocket-Friendly

If your budget’s tight and you’re flexible about the look you’re after, this is a great way to go. When doing a complete kitchen renovation, saving some cash (wherever you can), will undoubtedly help you stay within your budget. RTA cabinets are a lot cheaper than custom-assembled cabinets since they are delivered unassembled. They are also more affordable for shipping because they are not assembled.

#3. Superior Quality

Don’t be fooled by RTA cabinets being cheaper than many other types of cabinets. That’s because they are mass-produced, do not require labor from the manufacturer, and are easy to ship. It has nothing to do with the quality of the cabinets. In fact, most RTA cabinets tend to be of better quality than prefabricated cabinets. Pre-built cabinets are often made from poor-quality and cheap materials, such as lightweight particleboard and low-grade wood veneers.

On the other hand, RTA cabinets are usually made with high-quality hardwood for the frame, drawer fronts and doors, and plywood for the cabinet’s interior finish. By investing in RTA all-wood cabinets, you’ll spend only a fraction of what a custom-made cabinet would cost. Regardless of your choice of RTA cabinet, you can be sure that you’ll get a high-quality product that will last for many years for years to come.

#4. Swift Delivery

The manufacturing of custom-made cabinets is time-consuming. Each one must be handcrafted and assembled in the shop, which lengthens the overall turnaround time. The delivery of RTA cabinets, on the other side, is much more expeditious. Most major suppliers of RTA cabinets have all the necessary materials in stock at all times. As soon as you’ve decided on your order and designed a model that suits your kitchen, just click on the “buy” button, and your cabinets will arrive within 1-2 weeks – or even faster if you speed up shipping.

Buy RTA Cabinets! And Save Yourself Time, Money, And Headaches

Thanks to their flexibility, durability, affordability, and high quality, RTA cabinets are the perfect solution for your kitchen renovations. So don’t waste money on pricey and poor quality custom cabinets! Invest in RTA cabinets for your next kitchen makeover and enjoy the best of both worlds. Contact Artistry Caseworks Inc for all your kitchen renovation projects!

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