All About Glass Railings

Glass railings look beautiful and add luster to your decor. It is possible to fix up a glass railing all by yourself and that too with minimal costs. The article gives you the details of working with glass railings.

Safety with Glass railings

Storing and transportation of Glass: The transportation of glass and glass railing require some care. If care is not taken while transporting, all that you get the end of the job, a shattered glass with possibility of injury if handled carelessly. Take the following precautions while transporting and handling the glass items like glass railings and glass sheets:

The glass should never be transported horizontal. The glass plates and sheets should always be put in vertical position. If you transport the glass items horizontal, all that you might get at the end of journey is glass dust.

The glass should be packed nicely so that it can withstand the transportation. Special packing material is available in market for this purpose.

The bumps shall be minimized while transporting glass railings. The speed of vehicle should be reduced to minimize or avoid the damage.

Safety While Handling Glass Railings

Your safety is as important as the safety of the glass railings, in fact more important. While handling glass or glass railings make sure that you wear hand gloves. It is also important to use sufficient number of persons so each one handles the load he/she can safely carry. In case this is not done and the load carried by one person is transferred to other person quickly, it has a domino effect and the glass item being handled will get broken at the same time the shards of glass can injure many persons at the same time.

Safety While Fixing Glass Railing in Position

The fixing of glass railing is a delicate affair. Any mistake while fixing glass or the top railing will damage it. Specialized materials have been developed so that the glass becomes fixed in its place and there is no possibility of shifting the glass once it is fixed in position. Rubber grommets, rubber shoes, and beading around the glass are used and are very effective.

Types of Glass Railings

Glass railings may be just the top balustrade, or complete sheets of glass used instead of any other metallic supports, or figurines in various forms on the staircase with the top railing made of glass. The imagination of the deck designer [] is the only restraint. The glass railings can take many forms, and, in each form, it adds to the beauty of the space, it covers.

Care of Glass Railings

The glass requires little care; just wiping the dust is sufficient in most cases. The toughened glass is used in most glasswork used in public place. The life of glass is infinity and it is not affected by most acids and alkalis. The only acid that can affect glass is hydrofluoric acid. Since this acid is not in common use, the only care you might have to take is avoiding the company of boisterous children bent on breaking glass items.

Glass Figurines

Glass railings etched with glass figurines look very good. The work is done with hydrofluoric acid or with help of grinders. The artwork and geometrical forms are normally done with etching and straight lines can be done with grinders.

Glass railings add to the atmosphere of the showroom and reflection from glass adds to the atmosphere of any area where it is fixed.

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