Vintage Mirrors – Ways to Embellish Your Interiors With

The most interesting aspect of a new home or renovation is decoration. We are sure; you are nodding your heads in agreement. However, do you truly know how to decorate your home and create a unique ambiance signifying your inner style and aura? Well, this is not too hard because we have your back! Whether you want a modern twist or an antique punch to your home, we can help you find out some super exciting ways! An antique mirror, for example, is an epitome of regality and finesse in your taste. So, if you would like to associate your style with an antique mirror, stay tuned!

Mirrored Bar

An interior design trick as old as the ages, mirrors are what you might consider the triple threat – able to reflect and bounce light around a room, visually double the depth of anything in front of it and look incredibly sophisticated as well. There are very few surfaces that can claim to do all that.

While of course, it is fairly easy to plonk a mirror up on any wall, today I wanted to share a few creative ways to use mirrors that you may not have considered before. You can cut mirrors to virtually any size or shape and by going through a manufacturer or specialist, the world is your oyster in terms of how you want to use them. Thanks to modern manufacturing techniques, they are also a relatively inexpensive material which makes it great to have a bit of fun with.

With Spring nearly here and brighter days ahead, why not get your home ready and make the most of mirrors in your space? Here are a few ways to do just that, starting from the fairly simple to the slightly more extravagant.

Behind a lamp

One of the simplest ways to take advantage of everything a mirror has to offer is to simply place it behind a lamp. In the evenings, the soft light cast will be doubled, creating a lovely warm reflection at the same time.

As a tray on a rustic coffee table

This is such a simple idea and would work perfectly on any of our rustic coffee tables. Using a small paned mirror or a small vintage window frame with mirrored inserts, use it as a tray on your coffee table to add dimension. Arrange a selection of display objects on top and consider adding a few candles as well to bounce that flicker around your space. Simple as well as pretty!

As an alternative headboard

For something, a little bit different, why not use a long wide mirror behind the bed as an alternative to the traditional headboard? Ensure the size is either the same width or longer than your mattress for a purposeful look and ensure it is well anchored to the wall!

Wall Gallery

A collection of small vintage mirrors become a statement gallery when grouped together on the same wall. You can hunt out inexpensive vintage mirrors in things like online auction sites, car boot sales and local second-hand shops for an inexpensive display that really makes a statement.

As a second “window” in a bathroom

Perfect for the smallest room in the house and one that sometimes suffers from a lack of light, consider using a large picture frame window in your bathroom to reflect any natural light that comes into the room. Framing it in a contrasting finish to your walls or tiles creates what appears to be an additional window in the room and visually doubles the size of the space – perfect!

As a kitchen backsplash

Similar to the bar analogy at the start of my post, a mirrored backsplash in the kitchen will do virtually the same thing, doubling the size of the space that is reflected within it. While this will certainly be a little more upkeep than a traditional tiled or glass backsplash, it is an inventive look that could boost a kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary.

In the alcoves

If you are struggling to produce ideas on how to maximize the space in your alcoves, why not make them a feature and add mirrored panels? Perfect for a space which does not always get a lot of light, simply place a small table and lamp in front of it to create a beautiful reflection of your home. Consider using antiqued glass for a traditional look or a polished finish for more contemporary style.

Statement wall

And finally, if you really want to increase up the wow factor and add some opulence to your home, why not consider creating an entire wall of mirrors? Use panes of wood to create an eclectic panel of geometric shapes to add interest. This kind of look may be best left to the professionals, however, to really get a fabulously high-end look.

Complete each room with our lavish assortment of mirrors. Pick out beautiful curtain poles and coordinate the look with a set of lovely tiebacks. Whatever you need, A2Z Kitchen & Bath Gallery is here to help transform your home into a statement of style and comfort.

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