Insanely Genius Reasons To Opt For Coloured Glass Film

Are you looking for ways to save money for your next big purchase? Are you asking yourself and the internet if window tinting for your home is worth the expense? Your window glass doesn’t have to be a dull, boring clear. You can spice it up with coloured window film. You can get a decorative film tinted (which also helps with UV rays) or a more vibrant colour to play with how light enters your home. Still not convinced? Keep reading to find out the benefits of window tinting for your home! 

No More High Energy Bills

The average energy bill for homeowners in the United States is around $111. If you happen to live in an area that reaches 90-100 degrees during the summer, that average may seem quite low. Your HVAC system is responsible for up to 47% of that usage, which means cooling your home could be costing you big money!

Heat reflective window film can help reduce the amount of time your AC has to run to make your home comfortable. This film can also help block the sun, which will allow you to retain that costly cold air for a more extended period. 

With regular use, an air conditioning system can last 10-15 years. However, with residential window tint, your AC doesn’t have to work as hard, so you could see a few extra years of use!

Create a One Way Mirror

Have you ever seen a TV show where someone is being interrogated while people are watching from another room through a mirror? That’s called a one-way mirror, and you can make one with your windows with the right decorative film.

That may sound great, but you’re probably wondering what the benefit is of having narrow windows. It means no one can see into your home at all. At the same time, you’ll still be able to enjoy a great view and all the natural light you want.

Bid Farewell to Furniture & Floor Fading

The sun is known to bleach cloth, leather, stained wood, and anything that has a bit of colour, including your gorgeous hardwood floors and perfectly designed furniture! 

While window treatments can help protect your investments from the sun, they must remain closed, which blocks the natural light you love. A heat reflective film should be installed to protect your furniture and floors without sacrificing any light.

Doesn’t Shatter So Easily

Whether you live in an area with trees, have neighbours with kids (and their toys,) or simply forget to secure items, a significant storm has the potential to shatter windows. While heat reflective window film may not prevent these issues, it does help prevent the window from breaking. 

Aside from keeping your family safe from broken glass, this can help keep your home from getting soaked while the storm rages on and will give you time to find a replacement.

If a window happens to be hit by debris, the tinted film may help prevent the initial cracking, which means you won’t have to worry about replacements or to shatter in the first place. 

Looks Great on Kitchen Cabinets

Are you considering remodelling your kitchen? Or maybe you want to replace your cabinets. A popular trend for homeowners is to have glass cabinet doors. However, it doesn’t look great being able to see all of your plates and kitchenware.

Many homeowners use decorative window film to have glass cabinet doors without this problem. A frosted film makes it difficult to see through the glass and even enhances the already beautiful look of these doors. It’s a real win-win situation.

Reduces Risk of Skin Cancer

Regardless of your ethnicity, prolonged exposure to the sun puts you at risk for skin cancer. With this said, being inside doesn’t always protect you against the sun’s rays. While it’s possible to develop skin cancer even with little to no exposure to the sun, sitting next to an unprotected window each day can increase your chances of this diagnosis. 

Even if this type of cancer never develops, spending time in the sun can cause painful sunburns, wrinkles, and premature ageing. While you are inside your home, it is unlikely that you’ll wear sunglasses, increasing the risk of eye damage. 

Using a heat reflective window film will keep your skin safe. This isn’t a complete solution to skin cancer prevention, as you will still need to protect yourself outside. However, you will keep your skin looking young and healthy for longer! 

Allows You to Be Creative with Your Windows

No one likes bland, dull windows – they can be so much more for your home. With a decorative window film, you can be more creative. Different colours and patterns allow you to have the windows of your dreams. It will also help improve your home’s curb appeal.

Getting windows from Interlayer Solutions Inc. allows you to be more creative as well. They provide high-quality products and solutions for all types of glass lamination projects.

No Window Treatments? No Problem

Natural light can make a small space look larger and conserve energy by not using unnecessary lamps or overhead lights.

Taking advantage of your home’s natural brightness can put your daily life on display for the neighbours if you don’t have window treatments. Unfortunately, window treatments are expensive to install, can hinder the amount of light and view, and need to be updated periodically to keep your home stylish. 

Opting for residential window tint film will allow you to skip the blinds while still offering privacy and style. Additionally, a tinted film can make it harder for criminals to see into your home–if they don’t know what valuables you have, it is less likely for them to try to steal it!

If you already have window treatments, installing a tinted window film is still a worthwhile investment. For blinds or curtains to protect your home from harsh UV rays, stop glare, and reduce heat, they must be closed. Coloured glass film will allow you to open your blinds while still keeping cool and avoiding annoying glare.

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