Wallpapers for Bathroom: Pros and Cons

A glamorous bathroom is the ultimate indulgence in any home. Go for all-out decadence or opt for a more pared-down, modern approach. The fabulous thing about bathrooms is that they are a great place to escape to, but you do not have to be in there 24/7. This means you can be braver with your bathroom than you might be in the rest of the home, and it is the perfect space to go for full-on glamour.

By upgrading your bathroom, you can fix bad areas and you will feel fully accomplished. But what if the change you intend to make is adding wallpaper to your bathroom? You may be having second thoughts about this, doubting whether this is a good idea or not.

So, is it wise to continue this project, or you should reconsider? In order to decide, read this article, and see the pros and cons of adding wallpaper to your bathroom.


Wall Imperfection Coverage

Walls do not stay perfect forever. In fact, depending on several factors, there will either be bumps or cracks in your wall, which make the bathroom look worse. So, what can you do if this happens? Cover them with wallpapers, of course!

While you could fix the imperfections through other methods, it is much easier to add wallpapers. Doing so will fix the issue quickly and easily, and you will not have to spend too much cash on this method either. In the short term at least, this is a good way to fix these problems.


It is not always that you have enough cash to make major changes to your bathroom. But with wallpapers, you can imitate high-end materials for a way smaller price. For instance, marble tile, granite tile or glass mosaic can get quite pricey, depending on how much of it you have to use. So, the chances are that they may not be in your budget. But with wallpapers, you can easily imitate these designs for way less cash. It is the best alternative for people that do not have the best financial situation right now.


If you have children, you may always worry about the next time they are going to ruin something, and one of the things they could do is cause the walls to chip. But with wallpaper, this will not be an issue anymore. It will endure wear and tear, so it will be wiser to invest in it from this point of view.

Wallpapers Come in Various Patterns and Textures

An easy way to add more pattern and texture without too much wasted cash and time is by using wallpaper in your bathroom. If you want to stencil a pattern onto a wall with paint, it will take way more time to do so. But with wallpaper, you can just save time and obtain the results you wish for much quicker. You can also find a variety of colors when it comes to wallpapers, which makes it even better.


Sensitive to Moisture

The worst part about adding wallpaper to your bathroom is the effect of moisture on it. Since bathrooms are very damp places, your wallpaper will be exposed to moisture in one way or another, and this will damage the material. As such, the humidity will cause the material to peel away over time, and it will end up looking bad. If you want to prevent this from happening, you must have an exhaust fan to eliminate moisture and keep the wallpapers safe.

Wallpaper Staining

Another risk is posed by plumbing problems. If you happen to experience plumbing issues such as an overflowing toilet or a burst pipe, these may cause the walls to get stained. Thus, the aspect of your wallpaper will be completely ruined. You do not want this, but it cannot be avoided in some cases. This is why you need to be ready for this if you choose to add wallpapers to your bathroom.


If your walls are prone to mold, then you should be aware that damp, dark areas are especially “sensitive” to mold. And what better spot for mold to appear than behind your wallpapers? If you add wallpapers, this is one of the risks you are exposing yourself to. You need to be ready to remove the wallpapers and call a mold remediation specialist to deal with the issue if it is covering a very wide area.

What Wallpaper Can Glue in The Bathroom?

-Moisture-proof wallpaper for the bathroom should correspond to the most important indicator to which attention should be paid, it is low hygroscopicity (the ability of the material not to absorb moisture). Moisture resistant can be considered as those on which the manufacturer gives one of the markings with the image of waves from one to three, where the more waves, the higher the moisture resistance.

-Washable bathroom wallpaper is one of the economical wall decoration options. They are protected by an external special layer, which prevents the penetration of moisture into the other layers. They do not swell or exfoliate, resistant to changes in humidity, washing with a damp sponge and removing dirt from the surface.

-Liquid wallpaper in the bathroom are applied as plaster, based on fibers, fabrics, glitter, and adhesive mixture. Since the liquid wallpaper base water, then after hardening on the wall they need to be covered with acrylic varnish (this will save the wallpaper and give protection from moisture). They are interesting by the variety of the final result and the ability to mix different textures. The result will be unique.

-Vinyl wallpaper for the bathroom is a common type when choosing materials for finishing. The top layer consists of a polymer that protects from steam, temperature changes, deep layers, and also withstands contact with water, which does not affect the service life and decorative features. Their minus ⎯ high cost, which is justified by the expected quality. When using special glue, you can increase the level of fixation. For the bathroom it is better to choose vinyl on a non-woven base, which have an additional opaque layer.

-Self-adhesive wallpapers for the bathroom are made of a film that repels water and does not absorb moisture. They already have a layer of glue applied, so an additional purchase of adhesive mixture is not needed.

-For wall trim self-adhesive wallpaper under the texture of natural stone. They consist of a film and are not afraid of moisture, which is important for the bathroom.

-Glass fiber is made of fiberglass and impregnated with starch agent. Do not absorb moisture, durable, environmentally friendly, you can repaint up to 25 times with latex paint, which is a special advantage.

-Wall mural will decorate the bathroom wall, provided that they are not located near the shower room and are made of durable material (they should not be afraid of moisture). It is best to choose a water story: river, aquarium, beach, ships, sea bottom).

-Sinks are protected by a glossy monochromatic mosaic, and the free wall imitates tree trunks. The photo wallpaper can be varied, as long as it is combined with the bathroom concept.

Final Thoughts

If you thought about adding wallpaper to your bathroom, it is essential to know the perks and the risks of doing so. Hopefully, after taking into consideration these aspects, you will be able to come to a decision.

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