Creative Uses of Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen backsplash is another way to express your personal style and the vibe of your house and decoration. Kitchen is one of the most challenging room to decorate as most of our guests or relatives that visit are most likely to accompany us in the kitchen. There are many creative ideas that can fit many tastes and styles. Some of the most creative backsplash can be created from the most unusual and easy objects and might not necessarily cost much.

For those intending to reduce their carbon imprint and reuse objects to prevent wastage and pollution, there are some environment-friendly kitchen backsplash that can be created. I have got the help of experienced professionals who gave me a bunch of ideas that matched my kitchen décor! A2Z KITCHEN & BATH GALLERY is the experienced lot I discovered to help me in all my kitchen backsplash journey.

So, what can you do to introduce some excitement in your kitchen? One of the simplest, most cost effective and practical ways of upgrading the look of your kitchen is by installing a kitchen backsplash. Not only does it help in improving the look of your kitchen, it also helps in protecting your walls from accidental food spills, thus preventing permanent stains which can get quite difficult to remove once they set in.

With a new kitchen backsplash, any old dingy kitchen will be completely transformed into a welcoming space of fine cooking. The best part is that there are many ideas and items which you can use ranging from tiles, granite, stamped metal, specially engineered stones, or a simple wallpaper.

So, let us discover the creative ways that your kitchen back splash can project the intention of your house decor.

  1. It is recommended to combine a variety of multicolor and abstract shaped tiles to create a colorful and unique backsplash. The backsplash will not steal the limelight of your kitchen, but it will surely increase it.
  2. Use natural rocks and stones of different colors from your garden and use them to create a backsplash.
  3. A bright blue color of maps of the world is one of the inexpensive and creative way to create your unique backsplash.
  4. If you like to reuse all the wine corks that you might think of throwing, then why not use them in patterns to create your kitchen’s backsplash. You can stick them up as they are or slice them and stick them to create a monochrome of colors and add warmth to your kitchen.
  5. Too much beer caps or cold drink caps? Do not throw them, collect them, and use them to create a colorful backsplash.
  6. The best way to brighten your day with your favorite quotes on a stenciled backsplash.
  7. You want to be efficient and unique? Why not use your favorite place mats as your kitchen backsplash.
  8. The best way to have fun and have a customized backsplash is to paint one! Use paint and your imagination and create your own interesting backsplash pattern.
  9.  We all find ourselves with pennies hoping to use them all one day, why not use them as your new kitchen backsplash! Add a rusty and shiny look to your kitchen with old and new pennies. Why not add the pennies from your travels to different countries! It adds a unique touch and remind you of the countries visited.
  10. Your kids like to write on walls? Use a magnetic chalkboard for your kitchen backsplash, use different colors of chalk, customize the mood of the day, stick your favorite recipes, reminders and let your kid’s creativity have fun guilt free!
  11. Use a magnetic whiteboard as your kitchen backsplash and let your kids have fun while creating your own style by sticking family vacation photos and reminders.
  12. Use your favorite family vacation photo and fit it with any style you want to have a unique kitchen backsplash.
  13. Let the beach reach you! Use the seashells you collected on your beach walks with family and create your personalized backsplash and let the scent of the beach spread.
  14. Use different size and multicolored buttons to create a colorful and designer kitchen backsplash.
  15. Got old CDs that you do not use? No need to throw them, do your own DIY décor by breaking the CDs into pieces and glue them to create a shiny kitchen backsplash.
  16. Use simple mirrors as backsplash to add light and space to your kitchen.
  17. Use a pegboard as your kitchen backsplash. It is easy and you can paint it in any of your favorite color and use it to organize your kitchen utensils. Organization with a modern touch!

Whatever kitchen backsplash idea you choose, be sure to let your creativity run free and show your personality. Chances are, you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, so why not make it the most stylish room in the house? If you are serious about adding a great kitchen backsplash to your home, you will find affordable prices and unmatched service at A2Z KITCHEN & BATH GALLERY in South Florida. They are highly experienced and dedicated lot who can help you with anything related to kitchen and bathroom.

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