7 Quick and Easy Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Do you always find yourself going through the latest kitchen design magazines but do not have the budget or time for a major kitchen remodel? Here are some quick and simple ways to bring your kitchen to life with some décor, colors, and fixtures!

1) Use the 3 Color Palette

Color is one of the simplest and most affordable ways of updating any space, including the kitchen. However, a kitchen with fantastic colors doesn’t happen by accident. The solution lies in the three-color palette. All you have to do is pick a main hue color and two other complementary colors. For instance, you may incorporate colorful kitchen appliances and a quiet backdrop in an all-white kitchen. You might think that a green refrigerator, for example, would look bad, but it can be the talk of the kitchen in an all-white space mixed with neutral transitions such as brown shelves and countertops. You can mix and match your favorite hues until you find the ideal colors!

2) Try Open Shelving

Open shelving instead of cabinets is the latest trend in kitchen designs. We know that having tons of plates, cups, and other stuff concealed behind closed cabinet doors feels less terrifying. However, open shelves look extremely chic and contained if done right. Clearly, you need to stack kitchen essentials like cups and bowls on the shelves. Nevertheless, a load of stuff can make the whole space look disorganized. Try to pare down and keep the rest in lower cabinets. Opting for wooden shelves won’t detract your guests from the focal point of the kitchen as well since it’s a minimal adornment. You can also add in some fun and simple décor pieces such as small vases and books for a chic look.

3) Light Fixtures

We often spend days, if not weeks looking for cabinets, flooring, appliances, and overlook lighting. If you want to remodel your kitchen without shelling out a lot of money, playing around with light fixtures can instantly change the look and feel of your cooking space. Lighting fixtures can effortlessly complement your existing kitchen design. For instance, white pendants accented with gold make a kitchen look fresh, modern, and stylish at the same time. Why not opt for light fixtures? They are trendy, look great, and can be within your budget!

4) Tongue and Groove Ceiling

Ceilings are usually the last thing to consider when remodeling a room, but look up! Ceilings are the perfect blank canvas to revamp a kitchen. Moreover, they do not need lavish designs to look great. Adding some color, interest, and customization will do the job! Installing tongue and groove boards is a quick and inexpensive way to update your kitchen. Even better, these boards can easily be installed over bare framing, plaster, or drywall and help conceal any ceiling damage. Ready-to-install tongue and groove planks are also available and should not take over a couple of days for a complete installation. They can be left bare, stained or painted, depending on the design you’re going for.

5) Rugs

Kitchens often look plain and bare. Although rugs are more likely to be seen as a piece for family-friendly areas, they can add much-needed colors to a kitchen and brighten up the space. For instance, choosing a multi-colored or patterned rug brings out the look of the kitchen. Furthermore, rugs also protect floors from spills, scratches, and early aging. Roll out a beautiful and stylish rug, and you’ll have a remodeled kitchen in a single purchase!

6) Decorative Curtains

Something as simple as decorative curtains can make a significant difference to a dull kitchen. They come in a variety of options and do not need to be expensive to look nice! Perhaps adding a colorful and patterned curtain or those with amazing prints can instantly liven up your kitchen. Curtains, fabric shades, drapes are only a few of an endless range of options to choose from. Your window design and budget can help you determine the ideal type of curtain fabric and motif for your cooking space. Neutral curtains are perfect if you’re after a clean and contemporary look, while dark and warm colors make large kitchen spaces feel more inviting and balanced. Besides, curtains are also a form of protection against heat and cold and allow you to manage the amount of light you want inside.

7) Add Your Favorite Plants

Adding plants is a simple and attractive way of creating a beautiful kitchen. Greens bring in a relaxing color and freshness to any modest kitchen interiors. Tall house plants are ideal for spacious kitchens, while a group of small indoor plants is great for smaller kitchens. Besides, there are several other reasons, including your well-being, to have indoor plants!

Do you have any other quick and creative ideas to decorate kitchens? Share it with us in the comments below!

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