Choosing and Buying a Refrigerator


The refrigerator is a household’s most popular appliance since it is practically the only one that operates 24 hours a day and preserves food. There is a wide range of offers on the market, and the choice is not always easy. This blog helps you to ask yourself the right questions before making your final choice.

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Refrigerator

Refrigeration techniques, technological systems, energy consumption, are some of the main criteria to be taken into account to find the right refrigerator for your needs.

The Different Types of Refrigerators

Perhaps you know the American fridge? Or the combined refrigerator-freezer? There are indeed different types of refrigerators. Take the time to compare them.

Purchase of a Refrigerator

Have you refined your selection? The budget to be allocated should be carefully considered. Then all you have to do is make your purchase.

To help you, here are the average prices of the different types of refrigerators:

Tabletop: prices range from about $150 to 1,000.

Classic: count from $250 to $1,500.

Combined: expect between $200 and $3,000 on average.

American: prices range from about $500 to $5,000.

Mobile: prices range from $100 to $450.

Bar: count from about $200 to $1,300.

Built-in: depending on the model, prices range from $450 to $750.

Choosing the Right Refrigerator

Before buying a fridge, ask yourself the right questions about your needs.

The Number of People Living in the Household:

Since the needs are not the same for a couple as for a large family, it is necessary to evaluate each person’s eating habits.

Daily Eating Habits:

Estimate the number of meals taken each day at home, how you cook, and how you consume food. Your refrigerator will not have the same role if you eat a lot of meals outdoors, shop very often or cook very little and consume prepared products.

The Configuration of Your Kitchen:

Choose freestanding or built-in installation, depending on the space available. Before you start buying, remember to measure the space available for your refrigerator. You should keep it away from a heat source or make sure that another piece of furniture does not hinder the opening of the refrigerator door.

The Functionality:

Most current refrigerators offer more different functions such as adjustable shelves, ice dispenser, automatic defrost, freezer compartment, smart digital screen, etc. It’s up to you to target what you think is necessary and what’s more of a gadget business.

Energy Efficiency:

Do not neglect this aspect before choosing your refrigerator. To help you in your quest, look at the letter written on the energy label associated with the appliance. These letters range from A+++, the most economical to G, the most energy-consuming.

Understand How a Refrigerator Works

It is necessary to know how the fridge works to ensure the durability of your fridge. Its sophisticated and ingenious technology guarantees the preservation of your food day after day.

Below is some information to understand better the refrigerator model whose operation and performance meet your expectations.

Refrigerator Operation and Models

Here is an overview of the different models:

Tabletop: its limited capacity (200 litres) is particularly suitable for people with a small kitchen and who want less space.

Classic: easy to install; this refrigerator does not require any specific installations for its operation.

Combined: its operation allows you to have a refrigerator compartment to store your everyday food and a freezer area for your frozen food.

American: equipped with two doors, each one contains a conservative zone and a freezer zone for operation in two distinct zones.

Mini-refrigerator / Portable: this refrigerator is easy to transport when you need it. It can even be connected to the cigarette lighter in your car if necessary.

Bar: the operation of the minibar keeps your drinks and miniatures fresh — for example, mini bar in hotel rooms.

Built-in: This refrigerator takes up less space because it can be placed in a niche or incorporated into your kitchen layout.

Refrigerator: Which Cold to Choose?

Once you have decided on the model that best suits your needs, consider other important aspects, such as:

Once you have decided on the model that best suits your needs, consider other important aspects, such as:

– The degree of freezing: the storage of frozen products is different between a freezer and a refrigerator. The classification is made thanks to stars that allow knowing the temperature performances of the freezing compartment.

– The climate class: SN (Subnormal: between + 10°C and + 32°C), N (Normal: between +16°C and +32°C), ST (Subtropical: between +18°C and +38°C), T (Tropical: between +18°C and + 43°C), each letter designates a category that depends on ambient temperatures.

– The choice of cooling: static cooling, ventilated cooling or no frost or stirred cooling. The cold inside our refrigerators varies and changes with our way of using the appliance.

If you are interested in a specific refrigerator, you can turn to appliance stores. There are many models and prices to suit all budgets. Besides, you benefit from the recommendations of specialized sales representatives to buy the model that suits you.

Another option is online sales sites that offer all kinds of refrigerators at all prices. If you choose this method of purchase, be sure to read the technical specifications of the model you are interested in. Also, please note the general terms and conditions of sale and the amount of shipping costs. In the case of an expensive refrigerator, it is recommended to subscribe to the anti-crash and anti-theft guarantee.

Hope the above helps you out. Remember to drop down your comments in the section below.

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