4 Budget-Friendly Home Decor Ideas for Your Living Room

It can be pretty disappointing to stumble upon house furnishings you love only to discover that the price is well above your budget. Luckily there are various ways of refreshing and reviving your living room without draining your bank account. Here are 4 low-cost home decor ideas to give your living room a quick and easy makeover!

1. Give Life to Your Walls.

A wall looks incomplete without some art. You may have beautiful furnishings, flooring, windows, but the living room often still looks unfinished with bare walls. Wall artworks can be quite costly, but there are diverse ways to beautify walls without spending a fortune. One of the numerous approaches to decorate your wall is to wrap the fabric around a piece of styrofoam. All you need is some fabric in alluring patterns and colors, cardboards, mounting squares, and some hot glue.

Firstly, measure and cut the styrofoam into the desired shape. Next, cut the cardboard into similar structures as the styrofoam and glue onto the backside. Measure the fabric to ensure that there’s enough to cover the front and sides of the styrofoam entirely. Using hot glue, stick the fabric onto the styrofoam leaving the cardboard side disclosed. Lastly, allow it to dry for 24 hours and apply the mounting squares on the backside of the display. You can also add other accessories to transform it into a more embellished creation. Hang on the wall, and you now have an eccentric artwork!

2. Decorate with a Nautical Vase

If you have spare rope and vases lying around, you can turn them into a statement piece for the living room. Nautical decorations are ideal as a centerpiece, especially if your living room is white and blue, giving it a summery vibe. For this quick and simple design, you will need a rope, a vase, glue sticks, and a glue gun. Starting at the base of the vase, apply hot glue to the inside of the rope. Wrap the rope around the vase and add a drop of glue now and then where it’s needed. Work your way to the very top and cut the surplus of rope before securing it with another bead of glue. Finally, fill the vase with flowers. You can fill it with roses, tulips, or any other flower from your garden. However, hydrangea flowers are easier to work with for nautical vases. In all of its many colors, the hydrangea flower never fails to please the senses. If you want to go all out with the nautical look, you can also add shells on the table. Your living room will now turn into a warm and inviting setting through this minimalist but chic ornament!

3. Change the Cushions.

If you think that you cannot invest in a new couch, a reasonable way to enhance the living room is by switching up the cushions. Affordable and available in so many distinctive colors, textures, sizes, and shapes, cushions can give your living room a whole new look. If chosen correctly, they can upraise the living room’s elegance factor. For instance, you can follow the trends depending on the seasons. Replacing dark, heavy pillows that were comfy for winter with light-colored ones in summer can instantly enhance and liven up the living room. At the same time, cushions offer a cozy and warm feeling to the room, leaving your guests with exceptional comfort on the couch. You can combine different groupings or mix and match textures and colors, but don’t go overboard!

4. Include Faux Fur Rugs.

Inexpensive and beautiful rugs are not hard to find, and they can make a living room look more inviting and cozier. With faux fur rugs at the proper places and a few simple additions, it’s not tough to give a luxurious appearance to the living room. Faux fur rugs can be placed in the living room for an additional seating area in a minimal space or placed in the center as a focal piece to complement living rooms with monochromatic settings. Moreover, it does quite a decent job of covering any flooring damage or scratches. Even arranging it on a small table or a faux fur cushion on a chair can result in a striking outcome. The key is to choose the right size, shape, and color. Larger rugs provide a more peaceful and elegant result, which is perfect for traditional living rooms. For modern living rooms, in contrast, it is recommended to confine to the minimalist design concept. Hence, it’s more appealing to use smaller rugs to mark an area. Regarding the color scheme, simple faux fur rugs are excellent for bright and vivid living rooms, whereas vibrant ones are ideal for simpler living rooms. An interesting strategy is to opt for lighter shades and tones used on your walls or maintain opulence with white or beige rugs.

A stylish living room does not have to be a reflection of your budget or a lack of it. Forget about the expensive d├ęcor and craft your unique compositions. Additionally, think about how pleasant it will be when guests come over and ask where have you got your home decor items!

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