Changing Your Home Decor to Welcome a Pet

Welcoming a pet in your home and life is usually a big step, especially if you are new home-owner. You will have to change everything and adapt to their needs. They will initially become the owner of the house and you will be the tenant. So to ensure that they have a clean, safe, and cozy home, here are some points you need to consider.

  • Choose durable floors – To keep pet-occupied rooms in tip-top shape, you will need hard-surface flooring. You can choose between laminated flooring, stone or, ceramic tiles, or painted concrete as these are easier to keep clean and stain-free than carpet. Such floors are cooler in hot weather. Pro-tip- don’t go for polished planks or tiles as it might be slippery for your pets.
  • Avoid breakable items – Better avoid breakable items. No matter how lovely it is, it could potentially be destroyed once within your pet’s reach. If you really want to have breakable items, then go for corners as your pets can’t get to them.
  • Don’t invest in expensive rugs and carpets – Imagine your newly expensive rug or carpet being ruined by your cat’s barf stains or muddy dog paws. Well, to prevent that from happening buy sturdy carpet squares that are modular and fit together. Go for slip-proof area rugs as they muffle the sound of dropped dog toys and thumping tails.
  • Have A Neutral Territory – Go for neutral colors in your room as it will be easier to clean. Choose an eggshell or satin finish, which are easier to clean and stain-resistant.
  • Don’t give messy treats – Don’t give your pets messy treats such as gummy pieces which are tough to clean up. Go for fibers infused bones instead of real bones! Rubber chew toys are better options for them.
  • Use slipcovers on furniture – The best option to save your furniture is to use slipcovers. Inexpensive, machine-washable slipcovers can be made at home itself. You can easily change your furniture’s look easily without breaking the bank. Go for pet-friendly fabric on sofas and chairs to help avoid constant shooing pets off the furniture.
  • Get a cat tree or perch – If you’re soon to have a cat, then having a cat perch or tree is vital. Cats need their place of their own and observe from high up, this gives them a sense of security. You can install a window perch or a series of high shelves around the perimeter of the room.

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