Give Your Wall a Chance to Breathe

We spend a considerable amount of time, comfortably, behind the four walls of our houses. And in terms of colours to paint our walls, the usual suspects are undoubtedly white, the many shades of navy and grey. Have you ever wondered what a professional painter can do to give your wall more….pizzazz?


What the hell is Decorative Painting?

Decorative painting has been present in our lives for centuries. It is basically the embellishment of objects with drawings, patterns and symbols. The logic was: since it does not move, why not paint on it, giving it a new life. Today, though, this art has evolved from paintings on immovable objects to any kind of surfaces. And for sure, a professional painter is considered an artist, since he/she practices this art.

Let your wall speak

It is not illegal to not choose a uniform/plain colour for your walls. Nowadays, there are various ways that walls can be embellished. And the one thing in vogue right now is drawing words on walls. Words or short sentences like ”Family”, ”Love”, ”Peace” or ”Freedom” and quotes from one’s favourite author or poet in the bedroom or living room can give your interior a unique look.

Decorative painting sketches and patterns on walls

Sketches and drawings on the walls are becoming more and more popular today. Whether it is a single tree or the drawing of a whole jungle, a true artist can satisfy your requirements. By using special painting techniques, some painters can also develop patterned effects on your walls by simply tying a rubber band around a paint roller. Other artists can also do portraits of someone you are attached to or embellish your heart with a drawing of all your family members.


Use the web for inspiration

The internet is a treasure chest for amateur decorators. Log in your Pinterest to see the thousands of art and deco ideas from both professionals and DIY enthusiasts as yourself. Whatever your budget, many social platforms offers deco ideas that are affordable. Additionally, there are certain apps that uses augmented reality to help you visualize your new space without changing anything in real life.

Add plants to bring in some green to your space

A great way for maintaining air quality, plants add a new dimension to your décor. On top of the various colours, plants will bring life to your space. Many studies have shown that certain plants absorb polluting and organic compounds through their leaves and roots.

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