Essential Painting Tools for any DIY Project

A Painter (especially a novice) needs to know his/her tools like the tip of his/her fingers. Knowing how to use a paint brush is barely enough to plunge into your painting project. You definitely need to know the plethora of apparatuses that a painter makes use of to simplify his/her work.


Essentials To Start Painting

Paint Rollers – to cover large areas like walls and ceiling, you will need at least two different rollers: a normal paint roller with a long handle and a foam roller for corners.
• Paint Brush – although you already have rollers, you will still need to use paint brushes for curved corners and cornice edges.
• Masking tape, aka sticky tape – to cover the surface areas that should not be painted like window edges, floor edges and door knobs.
• Drop cloth – a large enough piece of fabric to cover the floor and furniture for protection against paint drops.
• Painter trays – trays are useful as they make painting easy and quick, especially when you are using paint rollers.
• Flexible Ladders – a good flexible ladder (even if expensive) is like a piece of jewellery that can endure the ravages of time for many years. And the ladders will be useful for other tasks as well.

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